The trailer for Sid the Science Kid: The Complete First Season on DVD.

Announcer: Now on DVD from Warner Home Video. It's...

Sid: Sid, the Science Kid! {echoing}

Sid, Gabriella, Gerald, and May: Go, Susie!

Announcer: It's Sid the Science Kid: The Complete Season 1 on DVD.

Sid: Hold on, Mom! I'm coming!

Announcer: Sid, a curious boy loves telling jokes, go to the Super Fab Lab, rug time, and sing songs.

Gerald: We're scientists!

Announcer: All 10 episodes on 2 discs including charts,

Gerald: Charts rule!

Announcer: Non-stand measurement,

All: Hey!

Announcer: Make things change,

Sid: How do rolie polies move?

Announcer: It's Sid the Science Kid: Season 1, Now on DVD.

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