Sid The Sloth is an upcoming computer-animated television series starring PlasticMan as Sid, Mark Coleman as Po Rayah as Tigeress, Woody as Daffy Duck. With The toys voices  Plasticman is most likely perfect to sound like Sid's original voice actor (John Legezomo), (Mick Wingert) is replaced as well (Roger Bumpass) is replaced. As well Dan the Dinosuar was released on April 13th, 2012.  


Tv Release: April 13th, 2012.


The show take's place after 1999's (SpongebobSquarepants) where Sid meets Po they go on adventures together.  


PlasticMan as Sid.

Mark Coleman as Po.

Rayah as Tigeress. 

Shrek as Daffy Duck (Season 1), Sheriff Woody the Cowboy (Season 2).


Spongebobsquarepants takes place in 2017. Sid the Sloth takes place in 2012 (26 years before the 9th, season Spongebobsquarepants). 

By: Roc. 


A spoof of Sid the Sloth called Dan the Dinosuar is being created by Roc with a total of 7 episodes in the first season and 9 episodes in the second season.

By: Roc.

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