Side Control Elbow Knee

The participant applying this technique is on his knees and elbows. Control is maintained by pinching the hips between their elbow and knee. The controller's chest should be over the controlled's stomach. If the controlled tries to weaken the control by pushing on the controller's hip the controller can push his hand down to the ground by the wrist and placing the lower shin of his head side leg over the inside of the elbow.

Common Mistakes

Placing non hip contolling arm around head-This extends the elbow controlling the hip and allows the Hip escape.


Far arm attacks

Shoulder lock elbow down

Shoulder lock elbow up

Step and spin armbar

Two hands on elbow straight armlock

Near arm attacks

Near arm arbar

Side head and arm choke

Near leg attacks

Near leg kneebar

Far leg attacks

Far leg kneebar


Head strikes

The head side arm can

  1. Punch near side
  2. Hammerfist far side
  3. Elbow near side or drive down from top
  4. Back Elbow far side
  5. Match strike Elbow

The head side knee can

  1. Top of the knee can strike near side
  2. Bottom of the knee can drop down from above.

Thigh strikes

The leg side arm can

  1. Back Elbow the far thigh and hip


Mount transition

Roll onto your side so that you are facing his legs and you side is across his chest. If his knees are bent or his legs are flat on the floor then throw your top leg over his waist and sit up to a Mount. If his legs are to high the grab you foot and feed it through just above the hips and sit up to a Mount.

Knee on Stomach transition

Shift your weight to you knee near his head and lift the other onto his waist to establish Knee on Stomach.


Hip escape

The elbow and knee prevent this escape therefore one of these must be countered to perform the Hip escape\

elbow control counters
  1. Grab the wrist and put you same side knee in his elbow extending the knee and trapping his arm.

Elbows escape

Keep you elbows by you in with you hands by you neck. Use your elbows and a oumpa to throw him over you head if he has weight on you or to slide out from under him if he does not. This can be countered by the controller rollin his torso off the elbows as you execute the Elbows escape.

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