Side Control Head Arm

The controller is flat with his chest to the controlled. His head side arm is around the controlled's neck and the body side arm is under his far arm. The controller’s body side leg is bent with the knee against the controlled’s hip and his hips flat to the floor.

Common Mistakes

Controller brings his knees in and under his body thus taking the weight off of the contolleds chest and releasing his shoulders from the pin and allowing the Hip Escape


Far Arm Attacks

Two Hands on Elbow Straight Armlock

Near Arm Attacks

Near side armbar

Neck Attacks

Neck Vice



Near Arm Figure Four Hold/Head Lockdown Combination

This combination is for when the controlled defends by keeping his arms bent and against his chest. The near arm figure four starts by grasping the controlled's near arm wrist with a thumb down grip. The controllers weight is transferred from the chest of the controller to the grip so that the controller is pressing down into the grip as he brings his knees in and raises his body enought to allow the controller's leg side hand to slip under the forearm and grasp his other wrist to secure the Near Arm Figure Four Hold. If the controlled keeps their elbow down enough to stop this then the controller jerks the near arm wrist away from the controlled's chest in a hop like motion just enought to allow the controllers leg side hand under the elbow. If this is not possible then the controlled has lifted his head off of the floor. The controller loops the elbow of his head side arm arount the controlled's head while maintaining the grip on the controlled's wrist and pushes his leg side hand under the controlleds near elbow and across the side of the controlled's neck in a Head Lockdown.

Mount transition

If the Inside Elbow Neck Vice does not cause the controlled to submit then a transition to the Mount is possible. If his knees are bent or his legs are flat on the floor then throw your top leg over his waist and sit up to a Mount. If his legs are to high the grab you foot and feed it through just above the hips and sit up to a Mount.

Backpat transition


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