Sidney, nicknamed Sid, is a Diesel who was introduced in Day of the Diesels.

Date of Birth

  • December 14, 2000


Sidney can be a bit of a forgetful engine. He starts his day at one location and ends up at another, not remembering how he got there! Although Sidney is kind-hearted and has good intentions, his lackadaisical demeanor and struggle with short term memory loss causes many engines to doubt his ability.


Sidney is based on the BR Class 08, yet in The Ulimate Character Guide, he is based on BR Class 09. He is fitted with a VR 3-chime horn, P or T Class.


Sidney is painted blue with orange lining and a warning panel underneath his face. He has yellow siderods and red wheels with black rims.


Television series


  • Day of the Diesels (not named)
  • Tale of the Brave

Season 17

  • The Lost Puff
  • The Missing Christmas Decorations

Voice Actors


  • Wooden Railway
  • Take-n-Play
  • Trackmaster (coming soon)


  • Sidney's theme is the Roll Call from the Day of the Diesels theme song, which he shares with Den, Dart, Norman, and Paxton.



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