Timeline of events

The Siege of Taur Ungol
Conflict War against Taur Ungol
Date 20 FA
Place Taur Ungol, Eryn Lasgalen
Result Elves of Eryn Lasgalen victorius
Taur Ungol Elves of Eryn Lasgalen
No commander present Thranduil

~1,000 Orcs, Wargs, Giant Bats, Spiders

~500 Wood Elves ~40 Huorns

All Light

The Siege of Taur Ungol was the last battle against the evil fortress, where the elves laid siege to the mountain citadel.

Thranduil, taking his remaining forces from his woodland realm, began to march to Taur Ungol. Along the way, he enlisted the aid of the Huorns, sentient tree creatures whom dwelled in the forest.

With the Battle of the Old Forest Road lost, The Castellan lost what remained of his will, and dissapeared from the fortress, leaving his remaining forces in dissarray.

The elves laid siege to the fortress in late 20 FA. The Huorns, enticed by Thranduil, tore down the ancient walls of Taur Ungol, and then the remaining elves charged the various breaches. The orcs and creatures of the citadel fought back desperatley, but they were quickly defeated. A few pockets of resistance remained, in the narrow bottlenecks of the fortress' corridors and stairways, but were soon defeated, and the battle was won. Thranduil, with ancient magics, destroyed the fould fortress, and buried it under a new forest, populated by the Huorns whom had fought in the battle.

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