Siege of Tochigo Castle
Date Spring, 1864 CE
PlaceTochigo, Honshu, Japan
ResultAizu victory
  • Toda Sanemitsu



428 510
South-Eastern Pacification Wars
Yaita - Tochigo

The siege of Tochigo Castle was the second battle of South-Eastern Pacification Wars. After defeating the Utsunomiya army at Yaita, Aizu forces under Yamakawa Hiroshi and Okubo Yukihiro advanced on Tochigo castle in the Spring. The Utsunomiya commander, Toda Sanemitsu, had retreated to Tochigo to regroup and mount an effective defence.

The siege began with an exchange of fire between the castle defenders and the Aizu Shinsengumi contingent. Three hundred Aizu spearmen, alongside a small regiment of samurai, then attempted to scale the walls. The eastern ramparts held fast, though a small foothold was made on the western wall. In attempting to repel the invaders, Toda was killed.

However, Aizu troops met fierce resistance, accumulating massive casualties. It was only when the Shinsengumi carried the eastern ramparts that the castle finally fell. The siege marked the end of Utsunomiya power in the Shimotsuke region. It also had wider reaching consequences, with the Shogun moving to openly declare his support for the Aizu clan.

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