• Sigma as Edward
  • Wolfgang Krauser as Edward
  • Geese Howard as Henry
  • Mr. Big as Gordon
  • Jake Holling as James
  • Kazuya Mishima as Percy
  • Devimon as Toby
  • Vector as Duck (both green)
  • Men in Black Suits (from Shenmue) as Donald and Douglas
  • Akuma as Oliver
  • Harry Cupper as Diesel
  • Noah Carver as Bill
  • Zack Taylor as Ben
  • Rugal Bernstein as BoCo
  • Grandma Thora as Daisy
  • Nina Williams as Mavis
  • Devidramon as Stepney
  • Juri as Emily
  • Lumine as Bertie
  • Jeff Fecalman and Mental Mike as Mighty Mac
  • Guile as Arthur
  • Emma Goodall as Lady
  • Colby the Computer as Diesel 10
  • Tex as Splatter
  • Rex as Dodge
  • Tusky the Elephant as Bulgy
  • Jun Kazama as Elizabeth
  • Firefighter Frank as George
  • Buster King as Murdoch
  • Troy Burrows as Spencer

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