Sneak Preview

Rex: If you still refuse to believe us Ash, then we'll demonstrate with Wirasca. You see, it can lower your team and your current Pokemon's strength to 1 simply by not battling with it for 2 turns.

Brock: You must be joking. You can't do that. He'll be like a strong sitting duck.

Rex: Now then, where were we again exactly? I remember now. About to route Ash's Pokemon.

May: Don't think so. I use what Blazekien is holding, Life Exchange. With this, if something changes via an attack, Blazekien becomes the new target. I told you I'd be risking everything.

Ash: No that means...

Brock: She'll be flattered.

Rex: Fine then. Wirasca! Reduce May's team and her Blazekien's strength to 1 with Earthbound Flare!


May: WWWWWWWaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash: Oh no!

May: Sorry Rex, but if I'm taking the plunge, you better believe I won't plunge alone because life exchange has another effect. When Blazekien is struck, one of your Pokemon comes with me.

Rex: But that means...

May: Zekrom is going down. And last is use Flare Anchor to transfer Blazekien's power to Ash's Pikachu. That's it Ash and Brock. I'm afraid you guys are on your own. Oh man this is going to be one rough plunge.

Brock: She's diving too fast.

Ash: May, no.


Rex: Fool, since you got rid of Zekrom, Reshiram is able to battle. Oh well, so much for the so called power of unity from your demise in the sea.

Ash: MMMmmmaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!

Brock: You'll be avenged old friend.

May: Ungh. Just you wait Goodwin.

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