The Climax

Rex: Run as fast as you can Ash. There's no escape. You and your friends will get sent to the Netherworld. Wiraqocha Rasca! Attack Pikachu with Earthbound Fury! With his strength at 1, now might be a good time to say goodbye. Unleash your fury Rasca!!!


Brock: Ash! My Onix. Use it now!

Ash: That's right you left it out didn't you? Onix, use Terra Shield meaning your Immortal can't attack.

Rex: In that case, use Meteor Flare! Now by trashing 20 items, your teams takes 2000 points of damage!

Brock and May: Ash!

Ash: Use Volt Barrier!

Rex: Maybe but Wiraqocha Rasca will recharge next round so I can use Meteor Flare again.

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