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English              Sigsumeidsi              (Literal translation)
[decimal point]      ck
[digit separator]    it
[end set]            si
[start set]          su
[question mark]      squel
[exclamation mark]   awu                (NB. Awu-ga! serien nosie)

above                inc
add                  a
after                inc
all                  uno
and                  a
any                  rando-mem           random member
before               dec
begin                sot
being                bio-enin            living structure
below                dec
belong,own           pwn                 from hacker slang, pwned for owned.                   
broken               bork                
black                nul-ragab           zero colour
blue                 ba
break                div
calm                 enino-hibris        ordered rest
chaos                rando
chief                capit
circle               bipirad             two pi distance
colour               ragab               red and green and blue
complement           ment
copy                 dup
count                mem-id
create               cons
creature             bio-enin            living structure
cut                  rip
cycle                loop
desire               pol
distance             rad
divide               div
double               dup
duplicate            dup
eight                oct
empty                su-si
end                  eot
everything           uno
exclusive or         xo
exponention          xaa                 multiplication(++)
existance            mem-su'no-si        member of the set of all
few                  nul-ov
first                prim
for                  pur
four                 tet
fraction             div-ato
gamma radiation      ov-inc-lumo         powerful above light
goodbye              eot-ack             end yes
green                ga
half                 div
has                  jun
head                 capit
heat                 dec-ra              below red
hello                sot-ack             start yes
here                 id-loc              the location
identity             id
if and only if       iff
implies              imp
importance           capit-prim          head first
infrared             dec-ra              below red
intersection         lap
join                 jun
knowledge            cog
large                ov
last                 eot-prim            end first
laugh(verb)          cons-smil-sig-ack   make laughter message acknowledgement
laugh,humor(concept) smil                Abbreviation from smiley (e.g :P ) 
leader               capit-id            head one
less                 dec
life                 bio
light                lumo
location             loc
make                 cons
man                  bot
many                 ov
me                   me
member               mem
message              sig
mind                 menta
mine                 su-me-jun-si        the set of I-have
more                 inc
multiply             x
music                aud-enin            sound structure
my                   me-jun-id           I-have identity
name                 me-id               my identity
need                 pol
network              enin
next                 id-inc
no                   nak
not                  un
nothing              su-si               empty set
null                 nul
number               waf
one                  id
opposite             ment
or                   rip
orbit                loop
order                enino
overlap              lap
pain                 rip-enin            cut structure
part of              div-ato
place                loc
power                ov
previous             id-dec (id'ec)
priority             capit-prim
pull                 pop
purpose              pur
push                 stac
question             squel
random               rando
reciprocal (number)  div(number)
red                  ra
rest                 hibris
same                 id-dup (id'up)      identical copy
set                  su-id-si            the set of is
sixteen              hex
size                 mem-id
small                nul-ov              zero large
spacecraft           ioti                (From the leet-1701 as in NCC 1701) 
sound                aud
star                 sol
stop                 nak-nak-nak         no no no
structure            enin
the                  thi
thing                ato
this                 thi'd
three                bi a id (bi'd)      two and one
together             unis
two                  bi
union                unis
universe             rand-uncog          unknown randomness
unknown              un-cog
want                 pol
water                aqua
we                   su-me-id-si         the set of I-am
white                uno-ragab           all colour
woman                un-bot
world                sol-id              star one
year                 sol-loop (sol'oop)  star cycle
yes                  ack
you (plural)         su-un-me-si         the set of you (singular)
you (singular)       un-me
your                 su-un-me-jun-si     the set of you-have
zero                 nul

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