Silens Umbra originally started out as a unnamed espionage group created by Escorien Twilight to gain information about Ryu Phoenix's Dark Alliance and expose it to the Keepers of Mana. The group eventually expanded with the addition of a few new members and was named Silens Umbra, Latin for Silent Shadows. Silens Umbra is now a group who tries to stop evil plots from coming to fruition, although it hasn't had a lot of success in this area as it tends to act more as backup to the stronger protagonist characters which are involved in whatever the current plot.


Supreme Leader:Aer Barba(Ethereal Whisper)

Rank 1(Leader):Silent One

Rank 2(Officer): Shadow Seeker

Rank 3(Lower Officer):Duskborne

Rank 4:Phantom

Rank 5:Shadow

Rank 6:Magewraith

Rank 7: Night Legionaire

Rank 8: Wisp

Rank 9: Recruit

In addition to the ranks above, there are six special people known as Umbra Textor Textrix(Shadow Weavers)- one for each of the colors of magic, and artifacts. They are higher rank than any of the above except Sumpreme Leader. Special Titles are given at the Supreme Leader's discretion.


In no particular order:

Escorien Twilight-Supreme Leader

Chris Tirpak-Umbra Textor Textrix-Black

Arcus Acer-Umbra Textor Textrix-Artifacts, Phasmatis Momentum

Draiken Talkos-Umbra Textor Textrix-Green, The Shell-Hand

Damien Kage-Umbra Textor Textrix-White

Hurricane Andrew

Phendra Icen-Umbra Textor Textrix-Red

Selendrile Arua Alys

Lowe Margas


Kraer Kulnoth

Roshiyu Rinomaru

Dorman Anor-Umbra Textor Textrix-Blue, Raging Inferno

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