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Name: Silje


Genre: Occult Horror

Race: Human/Demon

Occupation: Demon Hunter

Gender: Female

Description and Character Notes:

Silje was a relatively normal person for most of her life. She was studying law in college when a horde of demons attacked the club she was partying at one night. When Bureau agents finally managed to drive them off, Silje's life was hanging on by a thread. One of the agents attempted to cast a spell to heal her, but something went wrong due to the high concentration of demonic energies and she died. A year later she popped back up, reincarnated. The spell had save her life insomuch as now she was part demon and could transform into a demonic form, that of a Qilin. She was approached by members of the Bureau who invited her to work for them.


Body: 4
Mind: 6
Soul: 5
Health Points: 45
Energy Points: 55
Shock Value: 9
Combat Value: 7
Defense Value: 5


Acrobatics 1x4 = 4
Cultural Arts 6x1+ 1 = 7
Occult Specialty
Intimidation 3x3+ 1 = 10
Street Speciality
Seduction 3x2 = 6
Law 3x1 = 3
Metamorphosis (self) 3x5 = 15
Awkward Size 1x-1 = -1
Bane (Anti-demon wards) 2x-1 = -2
Special Defense (Holy) 2x1 = 2
Natural Weapons 1x1 = 1
Mind Shield 2x1 = 2
Life Support 2x1 = 2
Healing 2x4 = 8
Flight 1x4 = 4
Can Hover
No Jumping 1x-1 = -1
No Arms 2x-1 = -2
Speed 2x1 = 2
Red Tape 1x-1 = -1
Marked 2x-1 = -2
Attack Restriction 2x-1 = -2
Cannot attack or move against other Holy agents
Sixth Sense 1x1 = 1
Sense Spirits
Reincarnation 1x3 = 3
Jumping 1x1 = 1
Girl/Guy Magnet 1x-1 = -1
Art of Distraction 1x1 = 1

Advancement Points - 5

Combat Mastery 2x2 = 4
Additional Form (2) = 1
Bane (Anti-demon wards) 2x-1 = -2
Diminutive 1x-3 = -3
No Arms 2x-1 = -2
Mind Shield 2x1 = 2
Life Support 2x1 = 2
Force Field 3x4 = 12 (30 damage prevented)
Can Protect Others
Blocks Incorporeal

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