This is the transcript to BiggestThomasFan's fan-made Thomas and Friends episode, Silly Billy.


One morning, Percy puffing into Knapford Station where Sir Topham Hatt was waiting for him.

"Good Morning, sir", said Percy. "I was told that you had a job for me to do today."

"Yes, Percy", said Sir Topham Hatt. "I've got a very important job for you today. Do you remember the workshop where I bought you from?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, I bought another engine from that workshop to help get main line trains ready and to help out on the branch lines. His name is Billy. He'll be arriving here very soon. I would like you to show Billy around and teach him how to do his work."

"But sir," said Percy. "What about my normal work on Thomas' branch line?"

"Dennis will do your work while you're away," said Sir Topham Hatt.

Just then, there was an unfamiliar whistle and an orange tank engine puffed into the station.

"Percy, this is Billy. Billy, this is Percy. He will show you around and teach you how to do your jobs."

"Yes, sir," said Billy. Billy looked over at Percy.

"Nice to meet you," he said.

"Nice to meet you too," said Percy. "Come on, Billy. Let's get started."

And the two tank engines puffed away. Percy showed Billy how to get trains ready to the main line engines and how to keep trucks in order. Billy watched this, but he was an engine who liked silly things and had an idea.

"Billy," said Percy. "Why don't you get Gordon's express ready, as well as James' goods train. Gordon's express needs to be taken to platform 1 at Knapford, and James' goods train needs to be taken to platform 5."

"Right away, Percy," puffed Billy. But this was when Billy decided to do his plan.

Billy collect Gordon's express coaches, but he shunted them over to platform 5. He also got the trucks for James' goods train ready, but brought them to platform 1. When Gordon and James arrived to collect their trains, they were very annoyed.

"Why are our trains at the wrong platforms?" huffed Gordon.

Billy laughed. "Isn't it silly?"

"It's silly, but not funny," grumbled James. "We're going to be late now."

The passengers had to walk across the station to platform 5. They climbed aboard the express and Gordon huffed huffily at of the station.

As he left, Percy arrived. He was surprised to see James still there.

"James, you should have left with are train by now," he said.

"That new engine caused a mixed-up between my train and Gordon's," huffed James, and he quickly explained what happened.

Percy gave Billy a stern look. "He shouldn't have done that, Billy!" he crossly.

"But it was just a joke," said Billy. "It was supposed to be funny."

"There's nothing funny about jokes like this," said Percy. "Jokes like this can cause confusion and delay." Percy looked at James. "I'll bring your train over to platform 5 as fast as I can," he said.

Percy brought James' goods train over to platform 5. But by the time James left the station, he was running very late.

Percy felt sorry for James and cross with Billy. "Silly Billy," he said. "You shouldn't have done that."

Billy just chuckled, "Silly Billy. I like that." He puffed away laughing and it made Percy even crosser.

The next day, Percy didn't feel well. He had a pain in his boiler and had to go to the works to get better. Sir Topham Hatt asked Rosie to work with Billy.

"Billy," he said. "Percy had to go to the works. So, you'll be working with Rosie today."

"Yes sir," said Billy.

"And," continued Sir Topham Hatt. "If there are anymore confusions like what you did yesterday, you will be punished for it."

Billy looked upset. "Yes sir," he replied.

"Come on," said Rosie "Let's get started." Rosie and Billy puffed away to start work. But Billy still wanted to something silly.

"I'm sure one more joke would be fine," he said to himself.

At Knapford, Rosie was getting Gordon's express coaches ready for his express run. This gave Billy a silly idea.

"Rosie," he said. "Sir Topham Hatt wanted me to tell you to pull the express today."

Rosie was surprised. But then she looked at Billy suspiciously.

"This isn't another joke, is it?" she asked. "Because I heard of what you did to Gordon and James' trains yesterday and it cause several delays."

"Oh no, said Billy. "He wanted to see how well you can pull long trains like the express."

Rosie was worried. She knew she wasn't strong enough to pull the express on her own, but she didn't want to disappoint Sir Topham Hatt. "Very well," she said.

She looked at the passengers. "All aboard!" she whistled. "We'll be leaving soon." So the passengers climbed aboard, the guard blew his whistle and Rosie puffed out of the station with the express. She didn't see or hear Billy laughing.

"A tank engine pulling an express train. It's very silly indeed," he said. A few minutes later, Gordon arrived.

"Where's the express?" he asked.

"Sir Topham Hatt wanted Rosie to pull it today," said Billy, trying not to laugh. "He wanted to see how well she can pull it. He also wanted you to pull her slow goods later.

Gordon was shocked. "Slow goods!" he puffed. "The indignity!". And he puffed away.

Meanwhile, Rosie was struggling with the express. She pulled and pulled, but the train just moved slowly along the line. Rosie was puffing and panting. She was exhausted. Then there was trouble. There was a loud crack and Rosie felt as though she had no more strength.

"What's happened?" she asked, as she came to a stop.

"Your value's broken," said her driver. "You can't pull the train anymore."

The guard went to the nearest signalbox to get help. Gordon was sent to rescue her.

"I don't know why Sir Topham Hatt asked you to pull the express when you're not strong enough," he puffed.

"I don't either," said Rosie. "But I think it might have been another joke that Billy played on us. Sir Topham Hatt's going to be very cross."

"Indeed," said Gordon. They soon arrived at Wellsworth and Gordon shunted Rosie into a siding to wait for Donald to take her to the works.

"Thank you, Gordon," Rosie said as Gordon was re-coupled to the express.

"No problem," puffed Gordon, and he hurried away.

As Rosie waited for Donald, Sir Topham Hatt arrived at Wellsworth to see Rosie. He was cross.

"Rosie, why were you pulling Gordon's express? You know you're not strong enough to pull it."

"Billy said that you wanted me to pull it, sir. But I think it was another one of his jokes."

"I think you're right," said Sir Topham Hatt. I am going to have to have another talk with him."

Sure enough, Sir Topham Hatt went to see Billy.

"Billy, you have caused confusion and delay two days in a row! I brought you here to help out on my railway. Not to be silly and cause confusion."

"I'm very sorry, sir," said Billy. "I promise I won't do it again. And, I deserve any punishment you give me."

"Well," said Sir Topham Hatt. "You can start by pulling Rosie's afternoon goods train while she's being repaired today. And, you'll do Percy's mail run every day for a month. Also," he went on. "If you cause anymore silliness on my railway, you will be sent away."

Billy felt very ashamed of himself. And he soon apologized to the others. He apologized to Percy, to Rosie and the other engines. Now, Billy works hard and doesn't play anymore jokes on the engines. And Sir Topham Hatt soon saw that even Billy is a really useful engine.

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