The Wind Wyrm; Silphyd

The Wind Wyrm Silphyd spends a great deal of time on the grassy plains. Acompanied by the gusts of wind that follow it wherever it goes, Silphyd, like Asagi, is serpentine in shape. It's body is white and covered in a coat of soft fur. When at rest, it is coiled in mid air, it's body seemingly anchored to Eifel by it's tail. Silphyd has no eyes, instead, it seems to sense things by feeling the air around it with with two long, catfish like wiskers, and two shorter ones, all four of which are located at the end of it's nose. Silphyd has four wing-like appendages, all curved to catch the wind with their undersides. The two closest to Silphy'd head are large, and seem to be the ones used to aid in propulsion. The smaller ones almost always point towards the tail and are used for balance. When summoned, Silphyd can use the front wings to blow enemies off their feet with powerfull gusts of wind created by flapping them. Silphyd can also whip opponents with it's longer wiskers and smash or slam enemies with it's tail. Silphyd has access to all three wind spells and can call up multiple tornadoes when angered or in combat. While the gender of the summons is generally unknown, most people refer to Silphyd as 'her' or 'she', because Silphyd seems to give of a very feminine and even motherly aura. When dismissed Silphyd will call up a powerfull wind to carry it off to it's favorite resting place, the grasslands.

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