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Silver-Bordered Land is an unofficial attempt to create a centralized resource for all rules, rulings, and errata concerning silver-bordered cards in the Magic: the Gathering trading card game. Official rulings on these joke cards are sparse and often contradictory; since there are no sanctioned tournaments needing exact and comprehensive answers and no practical way to program the cards for use in computer games, Wizards of the Coast and the teams who made the Unglued and Unhinged sets prefer to leave silver-bordered rules mainly in the hands of the players. And there's nothing wrong with that opinion.

But, even casual games call for exact and comprehensive answers sometimes. A common set of rules makes the game portable between players and play groups that otherwise tend to develop their own rules dialects. A play group–made dialect has potentially other issues, too, in that it is more likely to include arbitrary rules that apply to very few situations, making the game even more complicated than the Comprehensive Rules make it out to be. So this is a place for players to come to get common answers.

"Common answers" does not necessarily mean cut-and-dry, indisputable answers. Plenty of questions silver-bordered players face have only arbitrary answers. For instance, Bad Ass and Goblin Mime force the question, "Does growling count as speaking?" In order to include all players and all potential viewpoints, this wiki intends to explore any and all easy, fun, consistent, and popular interpretations of the cards.

Welcome to the Un-Comprehensive Rulebook.

How can I help?

Right now, there are no (or almost no) articles at all. There really isn't anything wrong with just starting a page on whatever you feel is relevant and going from there. (Just remember to put the pages.)

If you're eager work toward the wiki's ultimate goals, there's plenty of room for new content in the following essential categories:

There is a card template available at Template:MTG Card. It includes many (but not yet all) fields necessary to refer to when playing with silver-bordered cards.

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