Justice League: Nights of War

Silver Imperium

When darkness grips the stars of night, All hope shall shatter and turn to fright! Despair will reign for those who fight, And cower before the greatest light!

Silver Imperium is a newly formed cabal of ten Raörians that possess Silver Power Rings. Early during the Raörian Invasion of the universe, they engaged the Red Lantern Corps, and became fascinated with their unique weapons. Using their telepathic powers, the Raörian took control of the Red Lantern Corps, and studied their Power Rings. After several months, and discovering there were many kinds of rings, the Raörian attempted to create their own ring, utilizing their most powerful emotion. Using the tears of the oppressed and terrorized species they’d oppressed, the Raörian were able to harness the silver spectrum of light and manipulate the emotion that combated the strongest of the other lights, and personified the loss of hope; despair. After forging the Silver Imperium Central Power Battery, the Raörian placed Emotional Beacons on several worlds they’d conquered or planned to conquer, which siphoned the emotions of despair from the oppressed worlds. The emotions were absorbed from the Emotional Beacons by the Silver Imperium Central Power Battery, which then transmitted its energies to the individual Silver Power Rings. The placement of the emotional beacon came in the form of a silver light that engulfed the sky of the entire planet, the light of which had varying side effects, from electromagnetic interference, which would negate all electrical mechanisms, to planetary desertification due to extreme levels of heat emission. The silver rings function identically to the other power rings, though could only reach its pinnacle of power via symbiosis with rage.

Silver Power Rings

The Silver Power Rings use silver energy, supplied by a Power Battery which manifests in the form of silver light. The silver energy of despair possesses an indomitable connection to the universe. Alongside hope, despair is the equally the most potent light in the emotional spectrum. A Silver Power Ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, and has the ability to affect and use fundamental forces of the universe, including electromagnetic energies such as gravity, radiation, heat, light, powerful blasts of concussive force, and other effects. Despair is the most powerful light, on par with the power of hope. Unlike hope, which can empower, the Silver Power Rings corrupt the other lights, even rage. The silver light is the only weakness in the power of hope. As such, it is invulnerable to blue energy, and can corrode light fueled by hope. Silver energy is also unaffected by the power of love and is capable of dissipating the power of compassion. Green energy is the only power capable of resisting the silver light, though even the power of will can be consumed if overwhelmed by despair. It is because of this exception that the Raörian have put forth extreme effort in annihilating the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe.

Operation: Daedalus II

Two days have passed since the battle between the Judicators and Malevolence, now known as the Skirmish under Mount Everest, took place. With the absence of their formal leader, the Judicators experienced their first defeat at the hands of Malevolence, who were led by the hellish entity, Oblivion. With the Y‘klra-ein now in the possession of the organization now known as the Phoenix Legion, tension has risen high with S.T.O.R.M. and the Justice League. Acting under the orders of Superman, Astron returned to the location of where the Y‘klra-ein's shield was found, in the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres.

Using his clairvoyance and psychometric powers, Astron located another remote piece of the Y‘klra-ein, it's power source. A massive grid-like satellite located extremely close to Sol, some 10,000 kilometers away. With the new discovery, S.T.O.R.M. and the Justice League acted immediately on the information, and deemed the mission as the final extension of Operation: Daedalus. With the obligation towards completing Operation: Daedalus, the Judicators under Astron have been chosen to embark on the mission, and were sent to the the Justice League's lunar base known as the Watchtower.

Operation: Centerpoint

Geneinaki (Phantom's Wail)

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