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Silver Sun is the current name of a series of games created by Jack Burton. The project began in 2007, using RPG Maker XP to create the first game in the series.

The game is currently on the PC, and is currently not available for download, as the first game is still currently in development (hence the title still not having been decided on).

A current date of release is September the First, although whether the project will be postponed is currently still unknown. The creator has stated that the date may shift.

The creator has also revealed that Silver Sun is an ondoing game which will span around nineteen games in total. Players will only understand the full story after playing all of them.


Silver Sun was a project first began in late 2006. However, computer swapping and deadlines for other projects pulled the idea away. Later on, Silver Sun was brought back in June of 2007.

The first game was completely planned, and a second game was considered, but plans would only be made if the first game went done as a success. If the game wasn't, then it wouldn't be continued.

The games are all designed in RPG Maker and are made available for free on the internet. The website is currently unknown, but the creator has revealed that it will be stated just before the games release.

Common Elements

Each game is a direct sequel to the previous, so the player will play as familar characters throughout. It is also known that there will be two games (the 'Heroes' and 'Dark Team').


It is currently known that character sprites and battlers and monster images will be default RPG Maker graphics. A title artist is currently unknown, and it is not known if there will be one.

The creator has stated that if artwork is unavailable, the RMRK forums at Crankeye will be scanned to see if there is any artwork available on there for use.

The creator has also stated that his lack of artistic talent will mean that title artwork will be done by someone else, if there is any. He has recently had an argument will the supposed artist however.

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