Silver Sun (or Silver Sun 1) is the original Silver Sun, whose creation began in June 2007. It's release date is hinted at being September 1st, but is currently unknown.





Details are based around demos shown and interviews with the creator. The storyline may differ from the final version.


Each of the heroes echo from the town of Coneria. Jack is an elite Lancer in the King's army. Alison is a childhood friend of Jack, who trained to be a Cleric to prove she is useful. Ross is also a childhood friend of Jack, who watched Alison from afar and was too shy to ask her out. Tammy is Ross' 'fianceé', who follows Ross everywhere.

It is known that Jack is sent by the King to protect the crystals, but what the crystals actually are and what they are for is unknown.

Another character introduced into the series at game one is Thomas. He is revealed to not be playable, but will bear a major role later on, and will even have his own theme.

It is also revealed that there will be an Affection system running in the Heroes story to determine the secret endings of Alison, Ross and Tammy, but how this will work is unknown.

It is also revealed that the heroes will not meet Mace and Chapman until later on into the storyline. Whether there will be minor villians in the storyline is unknown.


The dark story is mostly clouded in mystery at the moment. It is unknown mostly what will be happening to the dark characters and whether they will be only two characters.

When asked about the storyline, creator Jack revealed 'The Dark storyline is like the other half of the story. You play the heroes story, have questions, play the Dark storyline and answer half the questions and get tons more! The series keeps you guessing for the major part about motives!'

When asked about other characters, he said 'I don't want to deveal into too much detail on the dark team.

The dark team are meant to be the 'hard' difficulty, because I didn't want people to start on the dark really, and wanted people to try heroes first. Why? Because I'm the main character!'

It is known, however, that there could be a romantic relationship sparking between Mace and Chapman, which was further hinted at when they will revealed a shared theme.

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