• Sliver as Pinocchio (real and puppet)
  • Unlce Chuck as Geppetto
  • Blaze as Twinkle
  • Sonic as Scalwag
  • Knuckles as Igor
  • a random cat character as Puppetino
  • The Grand of Owl from Rock a Doodle as The Emperor of the Night
  • Chip as Gee Willikers
  • Patamon as Lt. Grumblebee
  • Merlina as The Good Fairy
  • Jules as Mayor
  • Vanilla as Mrs. Bug
  • Eggman as The Toad
  • Mighty and Ray as Swim Bugs
  • The Big Fish as himself
  • Shadow as Beatrice
  • a random ghost character as Boat Driver (Emperor of the Night)
  • My best friend JosephCL93's character Ghost Guard as Guard (Emperor of the Night)
  • Stretch from Casper as Mr. John (Emperor of the Night)
  • and more

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