Simba as Kuzco

Rafiki as Theme Song Guy

Scar as 1st Guard

Zazu as Old Man

Timon as Man for Bride Choosing

The Brides played by James-Susan the Elephant, Kate the Crocodile, Maggie the Monkey, Jerry the Kangaroo, Anna the Giraffe, and Howie the Zebra

Kovu as Pacha

Banzai as 2nd Guard

Zira as Yzma

Nuka as Kronk

Uncle Max as Peasant near Yzma

The Trashman as Announcer for Pacha

Pumbaa as Kuzco (Llama)

Mr. Snake as Angel Kronk

Shenzi as Devil Kronk

Nala as Chicha

Young Nala as Chaca

Young Simba as Tipo

Alvin as Bucky the Squirrel (Alvin and the Chipmunks)

Outlanders as Jaguars

Jawheads as Crocodiles

Mosquitoes as Bees

Zazinee as Bird Bingo

Kiara as Waitress

Pumbaa's Uncle as Man Giving Thumbs Up

Ed as Chef

African Animals as Birthday Singers

Warthog Family as Llamas

Rusty Rhino & Buster Baboon as 2 Men at Checkerboard

Sarabi as Woman with Pinata

Meerkats as Children with Pinata

Wildebeests as Guards

Samson as Guard in Warthog Form (The Wild)

Kazar as Guard in Lizard Form (The Wild)

Pride Rock Thundercloud as Guard in Ostrich Form

Krakken as Guard in Octopus Form

Vitani as Guard in Gorilla Form

Young Kovu as Guard in Cow Form

Yoshi as Kuzco (Turtle) (Super Mario Bros)

Kuzco (Bird) as himself

Skeeter Seal as Kuzco (Whale)

Sabor as Yzma (Kitten) (Tarzan)

Kaa as 3rd Guard (The Jungle Book)

Italian Cook as Bouncing Owner

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