Simba (Franklin) Season 1

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  • Simba Plays the Game / Simba Wants a Pet
  • Hurry Up, Simba / Simba's Bad Day
  • Simba Goes to School / Simba Is Lost
  • Simba Has a Sleepover / Simba's Halloween
  • Simba Rides a Bike / Simba Is Messy
  • Simba Fibs / Simba's Blanket
  • Simba is Bossy / Simba's Fort
  • Finders Keepers for Simba/ Simba's New Friend
  • Simba's School Play / Simba and the Secret Club
  • Simba and the Red Scooter / Simba in the Dark
  • Simba and the Tooth Fairy / Simba Takes the Blame
  • Simba's Christmas Gift / Simba's Granny
  • Simba and the Baby /Simba Goes to Day Camp

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