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Simba and the Animal Adventures is a The Lion King/Thomas and the Magic Railroad FL parody. It will made On YouTube From Hiatt Grey in September 26th 2013


  • Adult Simba as Thomas
  • Young Simba as Percy
  • Timon as James
  • Pumbaa as Henry
  • Mufasa as Gordon
  • Rafiki as Toby
  • Zazu as Bertie
  • Bagheera (from The Jungle Book) as Harold
  • Amelia (from The Aristocats) as Annie
  • Abigail (from The Aristocats) as Clarabell
  • Adult Nala as Lady
  • Scar as Diesel 10
  • Banzai as Splatter
  • Shenzi as Dodge
  • Taran (From From The Black Caudron) As Mr Conductor
  • Wart (From The Sword In The Stone) As Junior Conductor
  • Pocahontas (From Pocahontas) As Stacy Jones
  • John Smith (From Pocahontas) As Billy Twofeathers
  • Jenny Foxworth (From Oliver And Company) As Lily
  • Christopher Robin (From Winnie The Pooh) As Patch
  • Winston (From Oliver And Company) As Burnett Stone
  • Dodger (From Oliver And Company) As Mutt
  • Fagin (From Oliver And Company) As the Train Announcer

Quotes 1

  • Banzai: How come you let Taran escape?
  • Scar: I was testing him... to see if he could get away.
  • Shenzi: Liar liar.
  • Banzai: Pants on fire.
  • Shenzi: Does he wear pants?
  • Banzai: Well, Animal Hero pants...

Quotes 2

  • [Taran has run out of gold dust]
  • Adult Simba: Woody, but what happened to your sparkle?
  • Taran: I don't know, Simba. I guess I'll just have to sleep on that.
  • Adult Simba: On your sparkle?
  • Taran: No, Simba, on the problem of what happened to it.
  • Young Simba: Oh, but, Taran. Without your sparkle or the lost animal, you can't walk to help us anymore.
  • Taran: I'll solve the problem, you just go to sleep now.
  • Adult Simba: Easy for you to say.

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