Teenage kiara: Kovu! Don't go! I love you! You don't have to be told to leave the pride rock by my da... Simba: Now, Kiara, Calm down. I don't care if you do love kovu, Kiara. He's going to follow in scar's pawprints. Teenage kiara: But Daddy, I've never done anything wrong. You really don't understand me. You don't love me anymore, Do you? Well i used to meet kovu when we were little cubs. That used to be my time. Simba: Kiara, You will not see kovu again. It's all your fault. You should be ashamed of yourself. What you think today, is that kovu is a hero. Narrater: Simba bites poor kiara's tail with his teeth. Simba: That's never gonna happen again while you're a bad behavier girl. Now get inside. And because you're my daughter, You can stay inside the pride rock.

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