Simon Birch was in a Christmas play. He was the baby Jesus, and Marjorie was the Blessed Mother, Mary! Simon blurted out, "Boobs!" and pulled Marjorie into the manger. A big fight started. A big kid, who was the angel Gabriel and afraid of heights, was swinging in the air. He got sick and threw up all over Miss Leavey, the Sunday school teacher. Miss Leavey fainted. Simon Birch disrupted the Christmas play! He got in big trouble with Reverend Russell. As punishment for disrupting the Christmas play, Simon was told that he couldn't go to the winter retreat. Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump helped Simon disrupt the Christmas play, so Ed, Edd, and Eddy were very angry at them. Stan and Heff got in big trouble by the Eds. Stan and Heff got punished. They weren't allowed to steal honey anymore. Stan became very angry. He and Heff glared at the Eds and told them, "You three are as evil as Wooster!" They left the house in tears.

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