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SingShot is an online talent platform centered on singing / karaoke. Basically, if you have a PC or Mac, a broadband connection, and a microphone, you can record your own version of popular songs (we provide the music and the lyrics) that can then be saved to our servers and listened to, rated, and commented on by the world. There are already thousands of great recordings on the site, ranging from great to cute to funny (see the links at the end of this email for examples).

Link to the Time Magazine article naming us one of the Top 50 Coolest Sites of 2006! You can see the article here:

SingShot Press Highlights:

SingShot Launches the YouTube of Karaoke "It's an impressive site", Pete Cashmore

"SingShot is kind of an (please excuse the Hollywood-style description) audio YouTube meets American Idol." --Business Week / Deal Flow blog, Justin Hibbard

"SingShot is incredibly easy to use, considering how much goes on behind the scenes to make it work." --Wired / Listening Post Blog, Eliot Van Buskirk

"SingShot is an entertaining site where you can listen to other people cover popular songs, and if you're so inclined, join the party and belt out your own renditions for other people to hear." --CNET. Web2.0 blog, Rafe Needleman

"It is clean and fun enough, in our view, for plenty of people to begin using it...SingShot is letting you embed the songs you create into other sites, giving it a hip edge." --The Mercury News / Silicon Beat Blog, Matt Marshall

"One of the things I noticed while I tried out SingShot is that it's quite addictive." --, Sid Yadav

Here are the links to the great, cute, and funny recordings:


Both of these singers have a lot of great songs on our site already:


Cute kids singing a classic kids song


Zoolander does Like a Virgin:

Someone is channeling Michael, especially as you go further in the song:

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