Sing yourself silly!

VHS cover of the Random House Home Video release

Sing Yourself Silly! is the second volume of the Sesame Songs Home Video series. It featured mostly goofy songs from Sesame Street. It was released on April 30, 1990, a month before Jim Henson passed away. Starring Big Bird, Ernie, and more.

Editor's note: Nobody edits this page, except me (14brunov). Don't add too many songs in this, okay. Only one song from another show should be put in. This is not Disney's Sing-Along Songs.


  • The Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree
  • Ladybugs' Picnic
  • Jellyman Kelly with James Taylor
  • Wavin' Goodbye to You with My Heart
  • The Water Buffalo Song
  • Old MacDonald Cantata
  • Everything in the Wrong Place Ball
  • One Banana
  • Calcutta Joe
  • Mary Had a Bicycle
  • Ten Turtles
  • Put Down The Duckie (celebrity version)


Framing Material

Big Bird, Maria, Luis, Gladys the Cow, The Amazing Mumford, Duck, Forgetful Jones, Count von Count, Bats, Honkers, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and the Kids


Ernie, Honkers, Dinger, Polly Darton, Dogs, Larry the Cucumber, Archibald Asparagus, Fluffy, Martian, Grundgetta, Oscar the Grouch, Bananas, Don Music, Kermit the Frog, Monotones, Hoots the Owl, and Anything Muppets


  • Producer: Nina Elias
  • Director: Jon Stone
  • Segment Director: Lisa Simon
  • Head Writer: Tony Geiss
  • Writer: Christopher Cerf
  • Segment Writers: Emily Perl Kingsley, David Korr, Jeff Moss, Cathi Rosenberg-Turow, Norman Stiles, Phil Vischer
  • Muppet Performers: Carroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, with Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Martin P. Robinson, Kevin Clash, Fran Brill, David Rudman, Pam Arciero, Cheryl Blaylock, Ed Christie, Mike Davis, Jim Kroupa, Noel MacNeal, Brian Muehl, Kathryn Mullen, Karen Prell, Caroly Wilcox, Bryant Young, and Jim Henson
  • Cast: Emilio Delgado as Luis, and Sonia Manzano as Maria
  • Special Appearances: Carl Banks, John Candy, Celia Cruz, Jane Curtin, Danny DeVito, Keith Hernandez, Mark Ingram, Jeremy Irons, Gordon Jackson, Madeline Kahn, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Sean Landeta, Wynton Marsalis, Jean Marsh, Andrea Martin, Karl Nelson, Itzhak Perlman, Rhea Perlman, Paul Reubens, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Joe Williams, Mookie Wilson
  • Songs by: Christopher Cerf, Anna Dibble, Don Hadley, Jeffrey David Hale, Emily Perl Kingsley, David Korr, Stephen Lawrence, Bud Luckey, Jeff Moss, Lee Pockriss, Sam Pottle, Joe Raposo, Cathi Rosenberg-Turow, Norman Stiles, James Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Phil Vischer
  • Production Designer: Victor DiNapoli
  • Costume Designer: Bill Kellard
  • Special Thanks to: Sharon Lerner, Franklin Getchell, Leslie Raicer, and Christine Ferraro


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