Sing a Song is a 1996 American Live Action/Animated Children's Musical Comedy film starring D.B. Sweeney, Wayne Knight, Bronson Pinchot, Gailard Sartain, Jim Carrey, Dom Deluise, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Marty Feldman, Bill Murray, Martin Short and Martin Sheen, as well as Sweeney's Creations including Terry the Blubber, Mynn and Jynn Wason, Malignant Sow, Ken Strawberry and the cast of Disney. The Movie also marks the debut of Terry the Blubber's Brothers, Moe, Larry and Curly the Blubber. It was written by Walt Disney, Jim Henson, John Lasseter and D.B. Sweeney himself, produced by Joe Ranft, Pete Doctor, Andrew Stanton and Don Sahlin and directed by George Lucas (Live-Action), Steven Spielberg, Ron Clements, John Musker and Tim Burton (Animation).

The Film was released Theatrically by Walt Disney Pictures and Paramount Pictures on August 24, 1996. There was also a Broadway Musical version in New York City based on the Film and a Theme Park Ride and Show at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. It plays out as an alternate Story of Sweeney return to Theater Performing, this time with him being inspired by Terry the Blubber, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Roger Rabbit and others. The Film recieved rave reviews and it was a Box Office Success, opening at #1 in the US and grossing over $600 Million worldwide. It's also the fastest-selling Home Entertainment Subject as sales reached $400 Million.


As Tony Award winning Broadway Star and Pioneer, D.B. Sweeney retires from Theater to continue his Careers in Animation and Puppeteering, Captain James Hook, the Captain of the Deserted Pirate Ship, is seeking new attractions for his failing Restaurant (It's going nowhere by Jerry Herman). He sends his clumsy henchmen, the "Whangdoodles", to capture the Disney Characters, who reside deep below the surface of the Earth.

Terry the Blubber and the gang retaliate by challenging the Whangdoodles to a Theater Competition, since they are not medium sized. To prepare for the Competition, the Whangdoodles return to Earth and steal the Talent of Michael Crawford, Mandy Patinkin, Bob Gunton, Michael Gruber, John Patridge, Harvey Fierstein, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick and John Lithgow by forcing their way into the Performers' Bodies and stealing their Talent (Get the Talent off their Bodies right now by The Sherman Brothers). The Whangdoodles use the stolen Talent to become the "Diesels" (or "Rusties"), Creatures the same size as Terry and the Characters that they're both unable to beat by themselves (We're the Diesels by Andrew Lloyd Webber). To aid them, the Characters recruit a reluctant Sweeney, his Wormy, Rotund by Perfessional Leading Broadway Clown and Publicist Stan Podolak, his Crazy Cousin Doyle Sweeney, his Longtime Puppeteers, Jim Henson and Frank Oz, Laurel and Hardy and Slapstick Comedian Oliver Bagwell.

Soon after, the Broadway Competition between the Steamies and the Diesels begins doing Theater Productions (Plays and Musicals), the Disney Charcters are almost roughed up by the Tough Performing style of the Diesels. Broadway and West End Star, Brian d'Arcy James, being friends with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, enters the Disney World and join their Team, averting forfeiture.

By the Climax of the Contest, the Steamies are up to 900, and it is up to Sweeney and the Characters to score the final point for his Team up the 2000. Using his Perfessional Singing and Dancing, supplemented by the power of Broadway, Daniel Bernard Sweeney manages to finish the Musical, Starlight Express and win the Competition (I am the Starlight by Andrew Lloyd Webber from Starlight Express). Afterwards, the Characters return Sweeney back to Earth, where he returns his stolen talent back to their respective Owners. He is later prompted by his Friends to return to Theater, mirroring his real-life comback.


Critical Response

Sing a Song recieved rave reviews. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 100% of both their selected "Top Critics" and Critics gave the Film countless positive review; this gave it a 100% "Fresh" rating. Notable Critic Roger Ebert gave Sing a Song enthusiastic "thumbs up," which Gene Siskel also gave the Film and his zeal was more adored by the Broadway style Songs. Leonard Maltin also gave the Film a positive review. All Critics compared it favorably to another Disney Live Action/Animated Musical Babe and Emily, another popular film in which Cartoon Characters and Live-Action Humans coexisted together. Those who like the Film praised the Handmade Visual Effects, which were groundbreaking at the time.

Box Office

Besides the positive reviews, Sing a Song was a Box Office Suscces. At the end of its run, it grossed an unexpected $1000,000,000 in the United States and over $50000,000,000 internationally.

Awards and Nominations

Academy Awards

ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards

Annie Awards

Grammy Awards

Golden Reel Awards

  • Winner: Best Sound Editing - Feature Film - Music Randy Newman

MTV Movie Awards

  • Winner: Best Movie Song (Jerry Herman) (For the Song It's going nowhere)

Satellite Awards

World Animation Celebration

  • Winner: Best Use of Animation in a Motion Picture Trailer
  • Winner: Best Animated Feature

Young Artist Awards

  • Winner: Best Family Feature - Animation or Special Effects