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Summary from Dark Signs

Roman: Hmm. Its Ash and Dawn. If we could at least defeat one of them, this would be an advantage in the war with Arceus.

Ursula: Dawn is mine. Let me handle her.

Devack: Happy hunting Ursula.

Ursula: You've got it.

(The Encounter)

Ursula: Dawn and her puny friends Ash and Brock. You've got no idea how long I've been waiting for this.

Ash: How do you know our names?

Ursula: Why I never forgot old rival.

Dawn: Ursula?!

Brock: You don't mean your rival Dawn?

Ursula: Yes and thanks to the marks on the 3 of you, Ursula's back.

Dawn: Don't tell me as a rival you still have a score to settle with me.

Ursula: Once your rival yes Dawn, but now, YOUR ENEMY!



Ursula: After all those losses, this is sweet justice. You've destroyed my dreams and now I'll destroy your home. The Sinnoh Region will burn to ashes!

Zoey: What's with the lights? Huh? Is that Dawn and Ursula?

Ursula: Now get ready for the battle of your life! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Shadow Battle

Ursula: Now to claim my revenge. I'm going to send you to the Netherworld!

Dawn: Huh?

Ursula: Come on. Lets battle!

Dawn: Ursula, what happened to you? How did you become a Dark Ranger?

Ursula: Hahahahahahaha! Are you scared Dawn?

Ash: Dawn.

Dawn: No.

Ursula: We will of course be battling in the battle conditions, Speed World 2!

Pokédex: Battle mode engaged.

Dawn: Ursula, talk to me. What happened to you?

Ursula: Hahahaha! Its a little late for you or Ash to try and play catch up Dawn. What's done is done and there's no going back.

Dawn: So what happens to me if I lose this battle? Do I become one of you?

Ursula: No, but you will be consumed. You'll be emersed in the shadows of the Netherworld and not even your mark can save you now. Hahahahahaha!

Ash: Here we go.

Both: Lets battle!

Zoey: What's happening down there?

Brock: Zoey?

Zoey: Its been a while.

Brock: Well its kinda difficult to sum it up but Ursula used some freaky magic to call up some sort of giant barrier in which only the winner of a battle can leave.

Zoey: Dawn. Be careful.

Dawn: Lets get this started.

Ursula: Time for my revenge battle to commence right now. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Go, Infereast!

Ash: Huh?

Dawn: I've never heard of that one. Still. Go, Togekiss! Use, Aerial Ace!

Ursula: I don't think so. By trashing 10 items from my bag, Infereast, use Depth Guard!

Dawn: I'm done.

Ursula: Now by trashing out 20 items and ignoring the battle conditions, go, Inferfiend! Now Infereast, use Flame Howl!

Dawn: UUhhhhrrrrrr!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Ursula: Hahahahaha! Dawn, just try no to spin out of control right? This is what I like about these battles. Much more intense and the opposing trainer feels pain at the same time as their Pokémon. Now Inferfiend, use Shadow Claw Crush!


Ursula: HAhahahahahahahaha! Dawn, here's a helping hand. Too bad the only one it will helping is me. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

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