Sneak Preview

Ursula: Hahahahahahaha! Ccacapu, use Earthbound Pound and well, pound this pathetic contender into the darkness.

Dawn: Gasp! Piplup! Use Drill Peck.

Piplup: Pippppluppppppppp!

Dawn: What? It didn't do anything. Well, at least I've Buneary's Protect.

Ursula: Dawn. Do you seriously think a move like that can stand up against the power of a Immortal Pokemon? (Shatter) No. And besides its not your duo I'm aiming for, its you.


Dawn:(thinking) There's nothing I can do. I can't stop this attack!

Ash: Dawn, watch out!

Piplup: Pipplupppppppp!

Dawn: Ungh!


Ursula: And at the moment all seems lost, Piplup drills into the attack that causes your crummy Turbo Skates to fall apart. Which officially ends the battle before the battle finishes you. Although, lets just say you're buried down under right now. Earthbound Immortal Ccacapu, return to me at once! This time I'll let you off, but the next time we cross paths you won't be so lucky.

Ash: Dawn!

Brock: She's trapped.

Ash: Stand back. Ungh.

Dawn: Ow. My gut. Is Piplup okay?

Brock: Shaken a little but okay.

Ash: We'd better get them to a Pokemon center like now. We've only got five minutes.

Some time later...

Nurse: Its the middle of the night already. This better be good.

Ash: No. Its really bad and it looks like you've got a lot more than injured Pokemon to cure.

Nurse: Its Dawn? Oh! She seems to be shivering from fear.

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