Sir Handel To The Rescue is a Potential Plotlines episode.


Sir Handel the Old and Wise engine vvisits a beatiful place named the "Warehouse Railway", but Sir Handel's driver says that the line needs an engine. Sir Handel goes to the Wharf to speak to Duck about the Other Railway. At the sheds, Sir Handel tells his driver that he will find the engine at the Other Railway. Sir Handel goes to the Other Railway and finds an tank engine named Adam on a siding. Sir Handel and Adam travel to Sodor. Adam is pleased about his new home, the Warehouse Railway.

Featured Characters

  • Sir Handel
  • Billy
  • Duck
  • Stanley (does not speak)
  • Adam
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • Skarloey (cameo)
  • Rheneas (cameo)
  • Emily (cameo)
  • Diesel (cameo)'
  • Arry & Bert (cameo)
  • D261 (cameo)
  • Old Stuck Up (cameo)
  • Weasel (cameo)
  • Mavis (cameo)
  • Daisy (cameo)
  • BoCo (cameo)
  • Dennis (cameo)
  • Carla (cameo)
  • Derek (cameo)
  • Bertie (cameo)
  • The Warehouse Controller
  • Brock (mentioned)


  • The NG Sheds
  • The Transfer Yards
  • The Wharf
  • Warehouse Railway
  • The Other Railway


  • Stock Footage from "Sir Handel In Charge" is used.
  • First apperence of Adam and his CGI face.


  • When the narrator says Sir Handel's engineer would be Adam's fireman, they never showed him all inside Sir Handel!
  • Stick figures of Sir Handel's driver and fireman can be seen on Sir Handel's cab when Sir Handel arrives at the Other Railway.



  • Sir Handel: Excuse me. But is it something wrong?
  • Sir Handel's driver: Yes indeed. They need another engine to run this special line.
  • Sir Handel: A warehouse engine. Maybe I can find one.

  • Sir Handel: Can you help me find another engine?
  • Duck: Where?
  • Sir Handel: Where you found Brock.
  • Duck: You mean on the other railway?
  • Sir Handel: Yes, I am looking for a warehouse engine.
  • Narrator: And Sir Handel explained everything.
  • Duck: I like to help, but these days it's only diesels that go there.
  • Narrator: So Sir Handel decided.
  • Sir Handel: So that's where I'll go
  • Duck: Take care.

  • Narrator: Sir Handel told the driver all about the plan. And thst night, he came back to the shed.
  • Sir Handel's driver: The manager says he'll make a home for a warehouse engine if you find one.
  • Sir Handel: Right. We'll find one tomorrow.

  • Diesels: Who are you?
  • Narrator: Sir Handel plucked up courage.
  • Sir Handel: I'm a blue, old and wise engine. Have any engines in the shed?
  • Diesels: No, none.
  • Narrator: Sir Handel rallyed again.
  • Sir Handel: Then, what about the sidings?
  • Diesels: One, we have one.
  • Sir Handel: Then, I'll just go and expect.

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