Julie Cathey: June 4, 1990. The Paris over to France. Within 10 years, the continue city. And June 4, 2000. The Mississippi River over to up and down to the town hotel.

Derek: We gotta get out of here!

Adam: You don't?

Derek: Stand back, to the rescue!

Adam: Hi, Mr. Boyd!

Mr. Boyd: Oh, Hey, Adam! Nice to meet you! Hey, when you done, why go get a burger?

Adam: Oh Red Robin?

Tosha Appears.

Tosha: Yum!

Tosha Still Speaks.

Tosha: I'll Call you.

Tosha play in the playground.

Adam: I Need it.

Trent: Incoming! Taking fire! We have to drop now!

Plane Crashes.

Transcript Brandon, Mississippi

Adam: Let's get the voice out of here!

All: (Duty Screams)

Then the duty crashes. Then get out to the base. And they gunshots to kills. And the duty laughs.

Adam: Okay, here's the situation.

Derek and Amy appear.

Adam: There's the ant road taking the road keep ups from moving up.

Kathy and Min appear.

Adam: So we gotta take it now.

Luci and Michael appear.

Adam: We'll split up and flank, half the squad up the left, then through the house, and up the riverbed.

And Mr. Boyd appear.

Adam: Other half and move over that wall and continue up the ridge. Got it? Nichols, you're on point!

The gate opens.

All: Let's Go!

Sandy: Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoy the show! Here are previews from some of my other videos!

All: (Singing Green Grass Grows all Around) (Screams)

Sandy: Oh! One more thing! Parents, the sideways is always looking for new members, so if you want to make us at home, please send us a five tape audition. We love consider your special star for our videos!

Sandy: Just mail the VHS cassette to: The Lyons Group, 300 East Bethany Road, Allen, TX 75002.

Sandy: Well, That's a Wrap! (Laughs)

Mr. Boyd: See you Tomorrow.

Mr. Boyd and Sandy Leaves.

Kids: Bye, Mr. Boyd!

And Adam, Derek, Luci, Michael, Amy, Min, and Kathy Get to the Truck.

Stella Appears.

Stella: I'm Stella, Two Rules! Rule One, you're no good to be dead, rule two, they best of parents. Toodles!

Stella Leaves.

Min: Wow, that was sure inspiring!

Michael: You want to sure berisking, Luci? Read a poem. Sarge time is soldier you'll ever be.

They All Buckled Up Your Seat Belts.

Michael: Okay, Listen Up!

The Truck Rides.

Michael: Today, we're surfing we missioned to get all the coffee and donuts, problem is, the stage get all the coffee and ate all the donuts. So, Now, We gotta go kick their asses.

Kathy: Or, We could she get out to the base, and you'll need some nice French Rolls they got.

Derek: We'll be ground support task force C, and we'll coming to the let's flying, and, guys, remember rule number 1.

All: Oh! (Coughs) (Sneezes)

Adam: Yeah.

All: (Sneezes)

Adam: I love that smell!

All: (Coughs)

Adam: Smells like home!

Amy: The German this more, huh? I thought we have this area!

Min: Smell like this for weeks!

Tina: Hey, Wait Up!

Tina Appears.

Michael: You got it!

Tina, Luci, and Kathy: You got it Tina!

Adam: Slow Down!

Tina: Come On, Derek!

Derek: Hustle up! We some!

Adam: Come On!

Derek: Come on!

Michael: Come on, you can make it!

Tina: Hey, Guys, This Isn't Funny!

All: Whoa!

They Crashes the Truck and Flying and Crashes Into the Truck!

All: Whoa!

The friends kill. And tina kills!

Michael: Oh, whoa, oh!

Derek: Ooh, Whoa, Oh, Whoa!

The Truck crashes and the truck disappears. And the friends kill.

Tosha: Mmm!

Jay: Come on, keep it moving!

Tosha: (Blows)

Carlos: Come on!

Trent: Wait, wait! We gotta get the for of the sarge!

Angela: Fall yaaaaaahhhh!

Carlos: What do you do when you grow up?

Nick: Nickols, private first class, no squad, a see oam back in martinville!

They kill the guardians.

Kami: All right, you with us, medic!

Angela: I'll stay with santorez!

Sarah: No, you with me now!

Gianna: Sci!

Beth: It's the great vampire!

Sarah: Dix, cat dog and stuff our own.

Kami: The rest of you, included you, are you with me.

Nick: Over the top, move up!

Level Ends

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