James, Duncan and Smudger claim that Sir Handel is no use at all. So, Freddie tells Mr. Percival about it, so Mr. Percival sends Sir Handel to work with Duck at a mountain line, while Smudger takes his slate cars, until disaster strikes, when Smudger comes off the line and hangs on the edge of the mountain cliff, and Duncan crashes into the back of Smudger's train and Smudger falls down the cliff. Sir Handel comes to the rescue with the breakdown train and lifts a completely wrecked Smudger and takes him to Crovan's Gate Works, so Mr. Percival praises Sir Handel for his help, and he and Sir Topham Hatt both scold James, Duncan and Smudger for saying mean things to Sir Handel and keep the three engines in the Crovan Sheds for two months.


  • Sir Handel
  • Skarloey
  • Rheneas (cameo)
  • Duck
  • James
  • Duncan
  • Smudger
  • Mr. Percival
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Oliver (cameo)




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