For days we searched, my energy drained from me by the intense heat of the volcanic belt. We climbed the rocky volcano untill we came to the area of the volcano known as, "the Battleground". The creature was here, i mean, who could miss a giant red Dragon.

"Sir," said Raven.

"Yes?" I replied, trying to sound as calm as I could but found it hard to do so as the Guild had never faced a creature like this before.

"I dont think that Fatalis is here," Raven answered. "I mean if it was here we would know, wouldn't we."

"The crimson Fatalis is here, I can feel its firey gaze upon me..." I added. The way I said made the team look uncertain.

"We shall split up!" Ookami called. "This beasts reign of terror has to be ended once and for all!"

"Peace, Ookami," said Harith, "We must let the Guildmaster decide." And with that, the teams eye's fell upon me.

"I agree...,with Ookami" i stated fixedly staring into the Crimson abyss that was the heart of the volcano.

"Yes, sir!" came eleven replie's.

And so we split up, the others left in different directions, but I stayed, I wanted to find the mighty crimson Fatalis, I didn't want the creature to be killed, and couldn't say so to the others in case they thought I was a coward. After staring into the volcano for some time, I heard a soft rumbling noise. It began to get louder and louder untill a massive rupture appeared within the lava of the volcano's mouth. Slowly, a huge pair of scarlet wings protruded from the lava. They were then followed by the dragons head and body and it flew up to my level, and stared my square in the face. I grabbed hold of my Smolder Dragonsword, and prepared for the fight ahead...

To be continued. Back to Tyrants Library or back to the Guild Present time book.

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