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Sir Topham Hatt or The Fat Controller can refer to a number of characters.

In the TV series

Sir Topham Hatt, the man in charge of the North Western Railway, known colloquially as "The Fat Controller".

In The Railway Series

Sir Topham Hatt, the former director and first controller of the North Western Railway. He was often referred to as "The Fat Director" until the railway was nationalized in 1948, when he became "The Fat Controller".

Sir Charles Topham Hatt, the second controller of the North Western Railway and the son of Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Charles was also known as "The Fat Controller".

Sir Stephen Topham Hatt, the third and current appointed controller of the North Western Railway who also inherited the nickname of "The Fat Controller". He is the son of Sir Charles Topham Hatt.


"Sir Topham Hatt" is the title of a song written by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell from the fifth season of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.

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