• Name: Sirea
  • Race: Toa (Metru configuration)
  • Appearance: A normal Toa Metru. However, if she spreads her arms straight out from her body, a sort of parachute will drop down from her arms and bodies allowing her to glide on air.
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Powers:

--Super Leaps
--Gliding Ability
--Ice Control
--Undead Control (Kanohi Tryna)

  • Weapons:

--Twin Ice Energy Swords (She can channel her ice powers through these)
--Ice Sword (She can channel her ice powers through these)
--Bow And Arrow (Sword transforms into bow, and she uses ice to form the arrows)

  • Personality: Warm, generous, kind. Likes to work in teams.
  • Bio: A powerful Toa of Ice, who once fought in a massive war many thousands of years ago to free herself from a legendary curse. As the curse vanished, she found herself on Metru-Nui, 2000 years ago. Of those who fought, only one remembers the war... For as she lifted the curse, the memories of all but she disappeared...

Today, she has heard the legends of the powerful Elementa Masks, ten very powerful masks that give the user the ability to completely obliterate the entire universe if they so wished...

At this point, with three of the masks found, she is desperate to find the other seven before anyone else... And that is why she joined the Xal-Fettk. Today, as she racks up bounties, she continues her search for the Kanohi Elementa...

Sirea is also the leader of a very secretive organization, the Knights of Mata-Nui. An elite group of Toa who defends the peace of Metru-Nui. The main Toa of the organization (Including ALL expelled members) are currently on a search for the ten Legendary Kanohi Elementa...

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