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Species Wolger
Gender male
Age 18
Height 8ft 6in
Weight 400 lbs
Fur Colour: white with blue stripes around the forearms, neck, torso, calves, and face.
Head Fur: midback lenght
Eyes: cobalt blue
Clothing: a pair of black jeans with red chains crossing the back and a matching jacket with the words master of puppets stiched into the back, sometimes seen wearing a black trenchcoat and black pants.
Weaponry: a scyth and two katanas
Likes: playing bass guitar, practacing martial arts, food, family. Dislikes: being forced to fight(i can find them on my own, thank you) Personality very active. Occupation Merc. Background a pretty much average person with one to many hobbies, is kind of a wierdo

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