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SiteFinder Project

This wiki is a scratch pad for the SiteFinder project. The reason for this scratch wiki is to overcome a spam filter limitation on which prevents listing the same domain name in a url more than 10 times on a page.

The main module documents and disussions are here:

Drupal 5.7 Module List

Updates, sources, and legend

Updates (-removed; +added; ~no change)
  • 15:17 4/8/2008 created
  • 19:50 4/9/2008 updated
-panels (using panels2)
-xmlsitemap (using site_map)
+nodefamily (needed for nodeprofile)
+subform_element (needed for nodeprofile)
~actions (needed for views_bulk_operation)
  • 16:30 4/15/2009 updated
+actions 2.2 update pending
+xmlsitemap (was installed)
+nodeapi add on ?? need module link (Common syndication parser, FeedAPI Aggregator, FeedAPI Inherit, FeedAPI Node Views)
+udpate_status (pending)
+core modules optional



Contributed modules

Core modules optional

  • Aggregator - Aggregates syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds)
  • Blog - Enables keeping easily and regularly updated user web pages or blogs
  • Blog API - Allows users to post content using applications that support XML-RPC blog APIs
  • Book - Allows users to collaboratively author a book
  • Color - Allows the user to change the color scheme of certain themes
  • Comment - Allows users to comment on and discuss published content, Required by: Forum (disabled), Tracker (disabled)
  • Contact - Enables the use of both personal and site-wide contact forms
  • Drupal - Lets you register your site with a central server and improve ranking of Drupal projects by posting information on your installed modules and themes
  • Forum - Enables threaded discussions about general topics, Depends on: Taxonomy (enabled), Comment (enabled)
  • Help - Manages the display of online help
  • Legacy - Provides legacy handlers for upgrades from older Drupal installations
  • Locale - Enables the translation of the user interface to languages other than English
  • Menu - Allows administrators to customize the site navigation menu
  • Path - Allows users to rename URLs, Required by: Pathauto (enabled)
  • Ping - Alerts other sites when your site has been updated
  • Poll - Allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple choice questions
  • Profile - Supports configurable user profiles, Required by: Adsense revenue sharing basic (disabled)
  • Search - Enables site-wide keyword searching, Required by: Author Facet (enabled), Content Type Facet (enabled), Date Authored Facet (enabled), Date Facets (enabled), Faceted Search (enabled), Faceted Search UI (enabled), Number Facets (enabled), Reference Facets (enabled), Taxonomy Facets (enabled), Text Facets (enabled)
  • Statistics - Logs access statistics for your site
  • Taxonomy - Enables the categorization of content Required by: Ad (disabled), Content Taxonomy (enabled), Forum (disabled), Smart Queue Taxonomy (enabled), Taxonomy Facets (enabled), Taxonomy Service (disabled)
  • Throttle - Handles the auto-throttling mechanism, to control site congestion
  • Tracker - Enables tracking of recent posts for users, Depends on: Comment (enabled)
  • Upload - Allows users to upload and attach files to content, Required by: Image Ad (disabled)

Core modules required

  • Block - Controls the boxes that are displayed around the main content.
  • Filter - Handles the filtering of content in preparation for display.
  • Node - Allows content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages. Required by: Node Service (disabled)
  • System - Handles general site configuration for administrators.
  • User - Manages the user registration and login system. Required by: User Service (disabled)
  • Watchdog - Logs and records system events.

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