Sith Dominion is a New Sith Empire in the mood of the old ones, seperated in two after Lord Tepe's reformation. The leader is Lord Tepe, while the Sith Dominion continues to bow down to the Dark Lord of the Sith. The leading council of the Dominion is made out of the Lord, Governors, Grand Admiral of the Dominion Navy, the Grand General of the Dominion Armed Forces and the Chief of Guards, the first of them being "The Colonel". On rare occasions when the fate of the whole Dominion and it's member worlds is affected in a massive way, all the leaders of the worlds gather to discuss of it in the Bogan Amphitheater now located on Thule. After the reformation made by Tepe after the Civil War, the Dominion became the Oligarchic Imperial Monarchy of the Outer and Mid Rim Dominions, even if it still just simply called the Dominion. The Sith Dominion continues to exist beside Tepe's Dominion with most of the same laws and governmental structures, except for the fact that all planetary leaders are Sith and that the Council meets on Serenno.


The Beginning

About 20 ABY, Tibrin and three of it's nearby systems fell under the influence of a new defense organization of hired guns. They managed order in the systems, protecting them from outside offences that might happen with the Imperial Remnant still roaming about. The leader of this organization was a man named Dantes, who later became the Count of Tibrin after making it seem that his troops caused havoc with the consent of the leader. He overthrew the leader and with cheers of the people, became the liberator of the system. This same thing happened with the two other systems. It was later that year revealed that the Count was really the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Tepe. He had gained his foothold on the galaxy and took over the fleets given to him by his old Master, Emperor Rythe. He at first caused severe chaos in the Republic Senate by publicly speaking against the Republic and it's bureaucratic ways. He shocked the whole Galaxy by separating the systems from the Republic and announcing publicly to be a Sith Lord. he Jedi took swift action, pleading the Senate to take action, but none was yet taken for unknown reasons. It is supposed this is because Darth Tepe had managed to corrupt enough politicians to stop the action against himself before he was ready, but this has not been confirmed.

The Expansion

The new Sith Dominion started to grow first in military strength, then in cultural and economical strength. When the Sith deemed his military ready for war if it would come to it, he sent his ambassador to Coruscant with several Dark Jedi to keep the man safe. After the mission, the use of Dark Jedi was reduced to almost none, most were merged as a part of the Armed Forces and especially the Defense Force of Tibrin. The ambassador started negotiations of the Republic letting the Dominion have the old Sith Space that was formed of about a 120 worlds with the exception of Ossus that would stay under Jedi control if the transmission would be made peacefully.

The mission ended with no real success, or so it would seem. The Master's Council of the Jedi on Coruscant was killed by an old and powerful Jedi Lord named Emukiel Al-Saefar who had been presumed dead since twenty years after the end of the Hundred Year Darkness. During this time, he had become the supporter of Potentium and had been influenced by the words of Tepe so much he believed that it was the will of the Force that the Council was to be killed. The New Republic was not ready for such a war quite yet and with their hostilities towards the Imperials still going on, they were basically fighting on two fronts. Without the resources or power to effectively and swiftly defend the planets in Sith Space, they fell one by one with over a 100 of the planets under Dominion control after only six months. The Dark Lord also got a new and powerful apprentice during this time as an addition to his first apprentice called Kaoin. The new apprentice was named Darth Charna or more widely as Lady Charna.


The First Formation War raged violently for two years. The Sith Hunters were kicked out of the Jedi Order and had taken refuge somewhere where Tepe could not find them so the man concentrated on the war. He had over 130 worlds within his Sith Dominion, including Kamino and Rothana that supported his cause with weaponry and elite troops as soon as the order was ready. As Tepe was given the new blueprints for approval, they were copied and given to several secret factories and dry docks within his worlds that poured out several ships and tens of machines a week. The Lord even commanded a large droid army that he used whenever cannon fodder was needed. The Dominion Guard was founded, each Sith having their own brigade of elite guards trained and dressed similarly to the Royal Guards of Palpatine. Tepe's Meditation Sphere was rarely seen during the war as not many battles were worth his time. Later on the use of the Sphere was dropped completely due to sabotage attempts on it and it was hidden to an undisclosed location.

Towards the end of the war, a new ship was revealed to a strike force of the New Republic. Single-handedly the huge Dungeon Ship beat the strike force that only narrowly escaped. The Dungeon Ship was the new flagship of the whole of the Sith Dominion Navy and the mobile base of the Dark Lord. It held cell blocks, torture chambers, an academy for guards and Dark Jedi, huge amounts of weaponry, huge hangars and so forth. The Republic was shocked by the newcomer and the stopping of the advance. The Dominion had stopped at the 130 worlds and now only defended them from attacks with large forces assigned to each world. The Republic managed to take over some planets, but the Dominion just took them over again and again as long as the Republic continued to invade. In the end, the economy of the Republic had deep wounds in it, the military might had been increased so much that the public viewed it as more of an empire and the people were not heard at all. A hasty peace was formed between the Republic and the Sith Dominion while the Jedi Order was starting to divide into the more blood lusty faction and the peaceful faction. Skywalker was of course on the peaceful side.

Short-lived Peace

In the end, the peace lasted only six months. This time was spent by mostly regaining strength or matching strengths. The Republic had to make many cuts into the luxuries of it's people and force planets to co-operate with plans of renewing the military, causing several chaotic protests and riots. But things were different on the Dominion side. The people now saw the true color of the Republic and was more than happy to make progress within the Sith Dominion. The Dominion gave each world luxuries different from the other, made it possible for planets to trade with each others without consulting the government and all drafts were shut down. Of course drafts were at that time unnecessary as so many people impressed by the Dominion filled voluntarily the ranks that had been so shockingly depleted in the war. Ships were being built and the armed forces got brand new machinery to replace the older, worn out ones. Peace might have been the word used, but it was not so between the Sith and the Sith Hunters. Just before the Republic attacked with the Jedi of Coruscant that had separated from the ways of Luke Skywalker and the now named "True Jedi", the Dark Lord Darth Tepe had travelled to the lost planet Watchtower. He dueled all of the Hunters at once before having to flee back to Tibrin where he was attacked by the Republic forces, Jedi and a large force of Imperial Stormtroopers.

War Continues

The attack revealed a new force in the Tibrin Defense Force. Mounted on Rancors, Dark Jedi and the Dark Lord cut through the jedi forces like a lightsaber through a blast door. The newly formed Galactic Alliance was not ready for such and all invaders were killed. In space, only a few ships escaped the wrath of the Dominion Battleships. At the end of the battle, the jedi and Alliance troops were gathered up. The jedi were sent exclusively to the Jedi Temple of Coruscant while the soldiers were sent to the Senate Building. Not only had the Dominion won, it had struck fear into the hearts of the enemy. Afterwards it was found Tepe had been wounded and he needed to rest, but not before he managed to arrange the protection of Ossus from the False Jedi and the Galactic Alliance, give out orders to only defend the planets controlled by the Dominion and to send word to his apprentices of the newly unleashed war. He then was treated for several days before anything exciting really happened. The Dark Lord contacted the Sith Order to get his apprentices tested, which was arranged for later that week. Tepe sent out word to his apprentices and then left himself for the Cloak of the Sith to both trap the Sith Hunters and to watch the testing of his apprentices. The trap was a success, with the secrets of the machinery revealed and the Hunters to be betrayed by one of their new acquaintances, or rather an old acquaintance. The Hunters managed to escape with the help of the pirates called the Grey Brigade. The War raged for it's time. Nearly two years the border was thrown around until Peace was signed. This limited the areas of the Dominion, removing it of 20% of the original areas and so also screwing up the plan to take hold of Hutt Space.

Civil War

After peace was signed between the Galactic alliance and the Dominion, Tepe took action against those not loyal to his cause. So he attempted the assassination of Kaoin and started to purge his Armed Forces while Kaoin massed his armies to attack Tepe's Dominion. The Civil War did not last long, as after an Embassy was established on Coruscant the two sides signed an armistice and a large-scale vote was held that caused several worlds to detatch themselves from the Galactic Alliance and to pledge loyalty to the Dominion that grew in size to dominate the Outer Rim as well as to have a very good hold of the Mid Rim. The vote gave much territory to Kaoin, even if Tepe's Dominion was still the most powerful side of the two. Nevertheless, the Galactic Alliance still held most of the Galaxy in it's grasp as well as having some loyal worlds on the other side of the Dominion, such as Mon Calamari. It was still a major win for the respect of Tepe who began the reformation of his nation immediately. Also, during the Civil War, the True Sith made contact with Tepe's Dominion and became the loyal serveants of the Lord. This began a century of peace within the Dominion.


Chain Of Command


The Lord is the highest position in the Dominion. He controls everything without a question. He is and will most probably always be Lord Tepe with his wife, Lady Charna, sitting beside him in the throne room. In the case of the Lord being killed, it would mean that Lady Charna became the ruler and if she was killed also, the Governors' Council would elect a new Lord or Lady.

Governors' Council

The Governors' Council is appointed to power by the Lord whenever he goes off for long periods of time. He might also only appoint the leader of the Governors' Council, Emukiel Al-Saefar, in charge. The Council is strictly forbidden to cancel any orders by the Lord unless it is confirmed that the Lord is dead, which is when the Council will fully take over until the new Lord or Lady will be elected. The Council is a senate-like body that must vote on all matters. Originally, it held only three members, Emukiel, Kaoin and Charna, but after the discharge of Charna and Kaoin as a Governor and even further, the Civil War, it was reformed from holding 12 Governors and Emukiel as the leader of speech into a body of 20 Governors and the newly titled Chancellor, which was given to Emukiel.

Grand Admiral

The Grand Admiral is in charge of the whole Sith Dominion Navy with nobody to answer to except for the Lord or the Governors' Council when the Lord has given them the power. The Grand Admiral is, after the reformation, responsible to obey Charna and can overrule her orders only if they are violating orders or legislation. He is responsible of actions made by the Admirals. Due to legislation, he can't order orbital bombardments or other attacks on the civilian population without the direct order from the Lord.

Grand General

The Grand General is the Sith Dominion Army's counterpart for the Grand Admiral. He is also after the reformation responsible to take orders from Charna. He can overrule commands that take place within the Army with the same reasons as the Grand Admiral can in the Navy. The Grand General is also in charge of actions by the Generals. Due to legislation, he can't order a genocide without the Lord's direct orders.

The Colonel

The Colonel is a shady figure. He is in charge of the Dominion Guards but works also as the trustee and assistant of the Lord. He can command the Navy or the Army only with the consent of the Lord and his orders can only be overruled by direct orders from the Lord. Both the Grand General and the Grand Admiral must obey him if he works as the middleman between the Lord and the Military officers. He most probably died of old age at some point and was followed as the aide of Lord Tepe by a group of True Sith.



The legislature is formed by the Governors' Council and the Lord in co-operation. They are in charge of the judiciary, form the laws and hold the ultimate power in overruling the rulings of lesser courts. They meet once a month inside the Bogan Amphitheater with the Lord being the only one who can attend via holographic methods due to he being the Lord and all. When an emergency meeting is called, as many as can must attend, the rest will need to be either represented by someone or have their holograms present. The Lord leads the speech in the legislature meetings and holds the final say in all matters.

Court System

The courts are under direct control of the legislature, even if they are also independent from everything else in the Government. They make sure that those who break the laws are punished accordingly to the laws that they broke. The court system is made of Civil Court, where civilians are punished on minor crimes, High Court where they are punished of grand theft hover and such and then there's Supreme Court where the very worst crimes such as manslaughter are convicted. Supreme Court also has the ability to overrule the other courts if a plea is handed out to them and the previous conviction is deemed unnecessarily heavy or not too heavy. As an addition, there is also the Military Court where soldiers of the Navy or Army are convicted

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