Dominion Guard c. 22 ABY

The Dominion Guards are the elite bodyguards of the three Sith in charge of the Sith Dominion. Early on when they first introduced, they were made into three groups, each having it's own colour. Charna's guards were red-dressed, Kaoin's were blue-dressed and Tepe had green-dressed guards. Later on, when the Bogan Amphitheater was finished, Dominion Guards took over it's security as a new group called the "Sunguards", wearing a yellow garb. The Colonel is the leader of the Dominion Guards as well as Tepe's right-hand man. All Guards are trained in the use of lightsaber, force-pike as well as their rifle that is very similiar in looks but very different in power and accuracy to the Ceremonial rifle used by Senate Guards before the fall of the Old Republic. After the reformation they were only slightly modified by adding a crest ontop of their helmets and by merging them in a way with the Police forces. The police forces' armor was that of the Sunguards with differences on the helmet and the weaponry. For example, the rifle was exchanged for a new marksman rifle.

Tepe's Guards


Dominion Guard c. 24 ABY

The best of the best. The original guards were mercenaries or dark jedi who had been swiftly trained to be guards, but when the first generation of guards came throught from the Sith Dominion Guard Academy, the original few were phased out by either making them high ranking officers in the military or by just making them disappear. The Colonel is amongst these guards. There is a rumour that after being phased out, some of the original guards attempted to kill Tepe but were disposed of by the new batch of Guards who were much more professional and elite.

Kaoin's Guards

These guards are in charge of Kaoin's security, but are loyal to the Lord, making sure that they won't aid Kaoin if he ever wishes to stand against him. They have been ordered to have at least two near to Kaoin at all times, no matter what. These guards were the ones who attempted assasination of Kaoin under the orders of the Lord. They all perished in the following firefight and the training of new Guards for Kaoin was ceased. The future guards would be merged with the Sunguards and sent to serve in the Dominion's embassy on Coruscant.

Charna's Guards

This group of guards is the usual escort of Lady Charna. They make sure she is safe as well as that she doesn't oppose Darth Tepe. You can find at least two of them following nearby everywhere she goes.


The guards are veteran frontline soldiers that have been recruited for the new job and trained onboard Darth Tepe's flagship. The colors have been changed to a golden theme and so their armors have been colored a golden yellow with the capes having a darker yellow and a large, black Sith Dominion logo on them. They have gained the nickname "Sunguards" as the Sith Dominion logo resembles the sun and most people associate yellow with the sun. They are also the most numerous of all guards, being active guards in the government buildings, Bogan Amphitheater, the Embassy on Coruscant and several important civilian targets. They have been branched after Tepe's reformation into the Sunguards Proper and the Sunguards Civil. The Proper are guards of the important buildings while the Civil are the actual police forces of the Dominion. Also, to distinguish the Proper from the Civil, the Civil have and their helmets stripped of the vizor and the front has been otherwise opened to show more of the human inside. The large crest that has been added to all Dominion Guards have also been removed of the Civil so they would not be misinterpeted as the Proper. The Civil differ also in that they carry their high-powered marksman rifles openly and have only a simple blaster as a sidearm while the Proper carry only the force-pike openly and keep all the other weapons hidden.

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