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Dear Reader,

This legendary band of ten warriors first appeared in the galaxy as the Jedi Hunters, two thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Formed by the Sith and trained by the Master of the Hunters and, in a less direct way by one of our own, Strider Flamehart, we were turned free in the galaxy to hunt the Jedi to extinction. Five years after our entrance into the galaxy, we turned, becoming the Sith Hunters we are known as today.

The history of the Hunters is long and full of conflict, resolution, betrayal, and death. The full tale is lost and only scattered pieces remain. Such pieces that remain have been exaggerated to such an extent that I, Reibe Vailar have taken it upon myself to reconstruct our history from memory as best I can manage. I hope this proves educational and beneficial to you.

Happy reading,

Reibe Vailar

The Machine, 2010 BBY

The Sith hired a scientist to research genetic alteration and the construction of a machine to achieve this. Four years later, the scientist gave the Sith a set of blueprints for the construction of the machine. Eager to test his success, the Sith constructed a single machine and suggested to the scientist that he be the first live test. He refused, but the Sith forced him into it; he did not survive.

For nearly four years, the Sith contemplated the reasoning behind the scientist's death in his own machine. Then, they tried again, this time, with a Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi survived the process of alteration. He emerged, stronger in the Force and with his aging time slowed dramatically. After this success, he was was placed in charge of constructing nine more machines and overseeing the recruitment of new, young Force sensitives. These young men and women would be put through the genetic alteration process and released into the galaxy as the Jedi Hunters. Their 'master' was known as the Master of the Hunters.

The recruitment drive did not go as desired; only one man volunteered for the position, Strider Flamehart. As the Master of the Hunters desired ten fighters, he assembled teams to gather nine more young Force sensitives. Strider Flamehart led one of the teams to Naboo, where they murdered the family of a seventeen-year-old girl named Reibe Vailar and took her captive.

The full list of Hunters is as follows:

  • Reibe Vailar

The Awakening, 2001 BBY

After going through the machine, the teenagers were placed in a poorly lit room with 'Craig' to watch their recovery. The effects of the machine were severe, leaving the teenagers unconscious for three full days. As they slowly recovered, Craig was permitted to look over the results of his own time in the machine. One thing that puzzled the Master was that Craig's body rejected the genetic alterations. The other puzzling factor of the only volunteer's genetic enhancement failure was that the memory centers of his brain held more than would be standard for a man of Craig's apparent age. After destroying the test results, Craig returned to the new Hunters, just as the first awoke.

Initially, Reibe Vailar panicked, to awake in an unfamiliar place with only one other conscious person in the room. Craig's calm rebuttals of her frantic arguments soon calmed her, and she sat with him, watching as the others slowly began to wake. When they were all awake, the Master came and spoke to them. This conversation marked the start of their training.

For nearly a year, the Hunters trained, constructing their lightsabers and learning the forms of saber combat.

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