Sith Infiltrator
Set Sith Infiltrator
Film The Phantom Menace
Pilot(s) Darth Maul
Vehicle type Spacecraft
Affiliated with Sith
Crew Probe droids
Release date 2008

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The Sith Infiltrator is the ship which Darth Maul uses. He uses it to transport him to Tatooine to spy on Qui-Gon Jinn and his crew. The ship itself can launch probe droids for extra spying.

Latest set

The latest Sith Infiltrator is not released yet, but next year in 2008.

The Original

The original set was released in 2000. It included Darth Maul and a speeder bike, with probes. There was criticism about the wings of the original, as they could easily break.

Sith Infiltrator reloaded

The original Sith Infiltrator.


There has been a MINI Sith Infiltrator.

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