Test: In this century, there has been an unprecendented increase in childhood obesity. Studies have indicated that a sedentary lifestyle and the advent of technology as a medium for enjoyment have added to the epidemic.

hey guys here are some facts I found on a website this is the site

Some Facts

While most Canadian children and youth enjoy good health, nutrition-related concerns do exist:

   * Poor eating patterns contribute to chronic health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, 
     cancer and   osteoporosis, later in life.1
   * Obesity in children is increasing and appears to be related to inadequate physical activity.1
   * 25% of children and youth are sedentary.2
   * Unhealthy body images contribute to disordered eating patterns. Among teens and young adults, 
     1-2% suffer from anorexia nervosa and 3-5% from bulimia.3
   * 27% of girls age 12 to 14, and 38% age 15 to 19 say they are trying to lose weight.4
   * Economic disparities are a growing concern. In 1995, 2.4 million Canadians - including 900,000 
     children - used food banks.1
   * Low birth weight rates among certain subpopulations of the very poor living in the inner city 
     are comparable to those in developing countries.1
   * Inadequate nutrition affects the long term development of the child.5
   * The number of life-threatening allergies is increasing, including among children and youth.6

heres is another real good site

obesity is a major concern nowadays because excess weight will increase the health risks of children.

also obesity is one of the primary reason for stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, sleeping and breathing problems, cancer, self esteem, etc ...

(everything else is listed in that site above)

hey guys, i thought this article had some really good points on the situation of health and nutrition, not just for kids but adults as well.

   -Canadians drink an average of 114 litres of soft drinks annually, almost a 100 per cent increase in
    consumption since the early 1970s. An extra soft drink a day gives a child a 60 per cent greater 
    chance of becoming obese.

i dont know about you guys, but i drink a ton of soda. i have almost one a day, and in high school it was more like 2 a day, atleast.

   -only a third of school-aged children engage in active play for two hours or more a week, compared to 
    two-thirds 10 years ago.

thats sick, 2 hours a week!? i had hockey practices that lasted that long!

    -A super-size Burger King meal, featuring a Double Whopper with cheese, large fries and large drink, 
     contains 1,800 calories and 35 grams of fat — which will take nearly 6 hours of cycling 
     at 20 miles per hour to burn.

Does anyone remember those lunch days at school where you could order either subway, pizza hut or kfc? and those fried foods that we got at school cafeteria's, those are just as bad if not worse. combine that with the lack of exercise, and we have a situation ;)

this one's also got some valuable facts and such sorry about the long notes, im not very good at editing

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