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The Silver-Bordered Magic wiki is an attempt to develop a complete source for making rulings pertaining to the silver-bordered cards in the Unglued and Unhinged expansions to the Magic: The Gathering trading card game.

Although these joke cards are not legal in sanctioned tournaments, the rationale behind making definitive rulings remains the same: to ensure to players who construct casual decks using these cards that their combos and strategies will work in all games, regardless of the varying and contradictory conclusions that players and judges often come up with when there is no solid foundation upon which to base them.

On the other hand, the silver-bordered expansions are explicit attempts to temporarily break free of the limitations imposed by rigorous tournament-friendly rules and have fun doing things in silver-bordered land that could never happen in black-and-white-bordered land. Although it would be nice to complete a comprehensive rules document inclusive of silver-bordered cards, part of the fun of joke expansions is the way they leave the rules as an exercise to the players. Since there is very little official intervention, the correct ruling is often synonymous with the most popular one.

How can I help?

  • Add or expand the page about your favorite silver-bordered card, cycle, supercycle, theme, or other item or topic.
  • Look at the discussion pages on pages that list strategies and rulings and offer your own insights.

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