Sixteen's Warth is a sequel to The Warth of Diesel 11.


Sixteen has revenge on the other engines. It's up to Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Stepney, Wilbert and Diesel 10 to defeat him.


Sixteen Is Backfired

  • Thomas (as Narrator): Then, all of a sudden, as Sixteen darted across the points, he suddenly deverted into the other siding. With a cry of surprise, he slammed on his brakes, but it was too late! With a mighty crunch, he crashed through the buffers. His front end dangled dangerously over the edge of the cliff.
  • Sixteen: (panicked) Oh no, I'm going to fall!
  • Thomas: It's the end of your terror, Sixteen!
  • Duck: It has to be backfired!
  • Oliver: It's time for the end of you!
  • Stepney: Yeah!
  • Wilbert: Ready, set...
  • Diesel 10: GO!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): With our angry loud whistles, we charged quickly foward, crossed the points, steamed into the back of Sixteen, and then - timing our breaking just right - pushed him right off the cliff!
  • Sixteen: (screams) NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Narrator: A loud scream escaped from Sixteen, as he fell down toward the ravine. Then suddenly, his scream was cut short by a tremendous smashing sound as he hit the ravine hard. The sound of bit and pieces breaking and flying followed, and then the noise died down to silence.
  • Thomas: We did it, guys! We've defeated Sixteen!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): Soon, the Fat Controller arrived to see me and my friends.
  • TFC: Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Stepney, Wilbert and Diesel 10, I am very pleased with your battle. You all defeated Sixteen, as he is still troublesome. You are all really useful engines.
  • Thomas: Thank you, sir.
  • Duck: We couldn't done it without you.
  • Oliver: We always do.
  • Diesel 10: Come on, guys! We have to celebrate the party!
  • Thomas: Yeah!
  • Narrator: And me and my friends went to the party. Soon, the Fat Controller was cross with Sixteen. Sixteen's red paint was badly scratched over, making him an ugly grey. His funnel was cracked. His boiler was ripped into, making a hole. His front end was dented. His saddletanks were smashed. His coal bunker was smashed too. His cab roof and his wheels were bented. He opened his eyes.
  • Sixteen: Hello...sir..., what's...going...on.
  • TFC: Sixteen, you have caused confusion and delay! You have caused revenge on my engines on Sodor! And now Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Stepney, Wilbert and Diesel 10 had defeated you! As punishment, you are suspended from pulling trains for the next two months!
  • Sixteen: No! Not two months!
  • TFC: Yes! Two Months!
  • Sixteen: Who will take me to the repair yard?
  • TFC:  Emily will! And she will take you to your shed!
  • Sixteen: I'm sorry, sir!
  • TFC: Too late!

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