Sixteen Feels Left Out is a Potential Plotlines episode.


When Thomas, Duck, Sixteen and Rosie are at Knapford Station, the Fat Controller tells them there's a new grand opening of the new Sodor Museum. Sixteen puffs away. Later at Great Waterton, Sixteen arrives and tells Thomas, Duck and Rosie that he wants to take some passangers to the new museum. But Thomas, Duck and Rosie puff away, causing Sixteen to be left out and worried. Later, Sixteen goes back to the sheds when he hears a noise. It was Daisy, who is upset. Sixteen thinks he will be put in the new museum. So he runs back to the sheds quickly as he can. The next morning, Sixteen shunts trucks with Thomas, Duck and Rosie. But Sixteen hears that the Fat Controlller would say that he will be put in the new museum. So he runs away from the coal yards and all the way back to the yards. But the Fat Controller says that Sixteen is far too useful to be put in the museum. So Sixteen collects some passangers and puffs away to the new museum. He is a really useful engine on Sodor. Sir Topham Hatt thinks hes so usfeul he puts Sixteen working there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Characters featured

  • Thomas
  • Duck
  • Rosie
  • Sixteen
  • Daisy
  • The Fat Controller
  • Stanley (cameo)
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • Toad (cameo)


  • Stock Footage from "Stanley & The Missing Christmas Tree" and "Snow Engine" is used.


  • When Sixteen says "I don't want the Fat Controller to say I will be put in the new museum!", his eyebrows are missing.


Sir Topham Hatt: Sixteen you are a really usfel engine. I shall put you working and in charge of the new museum. I will fix you and give you a new coat of paint.

Sixteen: Thank you sir.

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