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Skagaran Male

A Skagaran Male

The Skagarans are a warp-capable humanoid race. Skagarans appear nearly identical to Humans with the exception of distinguishing red protrusions above each eyebrow, on their throat, and in front of each ear. They also have red blood, like many humanoid species, and their body has a higher tolerance to alcohol than a Human body. They are similar enough to Humans to produce children with them. Although some Skagarans believed in the concept of Hell, they did not practice burial ceremonies to dispose of their dead. Skagarans have their own kind of alcohol, Skagaran whiskey. The word Rokdar translates to "butcher". This was a name that the Skagarans used to describe the Fen Domar. They were nearly wiped out by the Fen Domar. They were one of the six species that were transported to Earths colonies during the Great Refugee Emigration. 6'000 Skagarans survived the wipe out because of the humans. They were transported to the Earth colonies on Ajilon Prime and Melona IV.

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