Skarloey/Arthur is a TTTE Parody parody series featuring characters From Skarloey and Thomas & Friends and From Audio from Arthur.


  • Skarloey as Arthur
  • Toby as DW
  • Daisy as Kate
  • Molly as Jane
  • James as David
  • Winston as Pal
  • Rheneas as Buster
  • Marge as Francine
  • Madge as Muffy
  • Peter Sam as Binky
  • Henry as Ed Crosswire
  • Sir Handel as Mr Ratburn
  • Duncan as Alan "The Brain" Powers
  • Duke as Grandpa Daves
  • Rusty as George
  • Percy as Wally
  • Belle as Jenna
  • Emily as Fern
  • Paxton as Rattles
  • Diesel 10 as Slink
  • Dereck as Toby
  • Daisy as Molly
  • Ferdinand as Principal Haney
  • Mighty as Timmy
  • Mac as Tommy
  • Emma (Made-Up Skarloey & Friends) as Emily
  • Thomas as James
  • Sir Handel (CGI From) as Alberto Molina
  • Skarloey (CGI From) as Mr. Molina
  • Henry as Oliver Frensky
  • Old Slow Coach as Miss Morgan
  • Lady as Nadile

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