• Skarloey as Lincoln Loud
  • Duncan as Lori Loud
  • Sir Handel as Lynn Loud
  • Peter Sam as Leni Loud
  • Rheneas as Clyde
  • Luke as Lucy Loud
  • ​Version 2 By Chase the Police Pup
  • ​Sir Handel as Lincoln (Both are annoyed)
  • Duncan as Lori (Both are bossy)
  • Peter Sam as Leni (Both are green)
  • Skarloey as Luna
  • Rheneas as Luan
  • Freddie as Lynn (Both are energetic)
  • Luke as Lucy (Both start with Lu)
  • Mighty Mac as Lola and Lana (Both are twins)
  • Rusty as Lisa
  • Millie as Lily
  • Proteus as Clyder
  • Mr and Mrs Percival as The Loud Parents
  • Victor as Bobby
  • Madge as Ronnie Anne

Version 3 by Flurr4

  • Thomas as Lincoln
  • Skarloey as Lori
  • Rheneas as Leni
  • Rusty as Luna
  • Peter Sam as Luan
  • Sir Handel as Lynn
  • Bertram as Lucy
  • Freddie as Lana
  • Duncan as Lola
  • Duke as Lisa
  • Luke as Lily

Version 4 (also by Chase the Police Dog the HTF Fan 2017)

Sir Handel as Lincoln

Duncan as Lori

Peter Sam as Leni

Skarloey as Luna

Rheneas as Luan

Freddie as Lynn

Bertram as Lucy

Mighty as Lola

Mac as Lana

Duke as Lisa

Luke as Lily

Rusty as Clyde

Victor as Bobby

Millie as Ronnie Anne

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