• Skarloey as Lincoln Loud
  • Duncan as Lori Loud
  • Sir Handel as Lynn Loud
  • Peter Sam as Leni Loud
  • Rheneas as Clyde
  • Luke as Lucy Loud
  • ​Version 2 By Chase the Police Pup
  • ​Sir Handel as Lincoln (Both are annoyed)
  • Duncan as Lori (Both are bossy)
  • Peter Sam as Leni (Both are green)
  • Skarloey as Luna
  • Rheneas as Luan
  • Freddie as Lynn (Both are energetic)
  • Luke as Lucy (Both start with Lu)
  • Mighty Mac as Lola and Lana (Both are twins)
  • Rusty as Lisa
  • Millie as Lily
  • Proteus as Clyder
  • Mr and Mrs Percival as The Loud Parents
  • Victor as Bobby
  • Madge as Ronnie Anne

Version 3 by Flurr4

  • Thomas as Lincoln
  • Skarloey as Lori
  • Rheneas as Leni
  • Rusty as Luna
  • Peter Sam as Luan
  • Sir Handel as Lynn
  • Bertram as Lucy
  • Freddie as Lana
  • Duncan as Lola
  • Duke as Lisa
  • Luke as Lily

Version 4 (also by Chase the Police Dog the HTF Fan 2017)

  • Sir Handel as Lincoln
  • Duncan as Lori
  • Peter Sam as Leni
  • Skarloey as Luna
  • Rheneas as Luan
  • Freddie as Lynn
  • Bertram as Lucy
  • Mighty as Lola
  • Mac as Lana
  • Duke as Lisa
  • Luke as Lily
  • Rusty as Clyde
  • Victor as Bobby
  • Millie as Ronnie Anne

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