• Skarloey as Woody
  • Rhenaes as Buzz Lightyear
  • Sir Handel as Hamm
  • Duncan as Mr. Potato Head
  • Peter Sam as Rex
  • Duke as Slinky
  • Fearless Freddie as Andy
  • Madge as Bo Peep
  • Stuart and Falcon as Bo Peep's Sheep
  • Marge as Jessie
  • Rusty as Bullseye
  • Harmood as Prospector
  • Jessica as Andy's Mom
  • Pinky as Molly
  • John as Sid
  • Rolf as Skud
  • Emily as Hannah
  • Cad as Al
  • Thomas as Lenny
  • Harvey as Rocky Gribartar
  • Smudger as Zurg
  • James as Buster
  • Diesel as Lotso
  • Diesel 10 as Big Baby
  • Mighty/Mac as Mr. Pricklepants
  • Percy as Buttercup
  • Edward as Muntant Toys

voice cast

Tom Hanks - Skarloey

Tim Allen - Rhenaes

Joan Cusack - Madge

Kelsey Grammer - Harmood

Don Rickles - Duncan

Jim Varney - Duke

Wallace Shawn - Peter Sam

John Ratzenberger - Sir Handel

John Morris - Freedie

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